A community project providing assets for creating cloud native Node.js applications

Node.js applications are overwhelmingly being deployed to clouds, with 79% of Node.js developers reporting using cloud providers for their production applications. Whilst almost half are using Docker, only 12% are using container orchestration technologies like Kubernetes.

This means that developers are largely using clouds to deploy and run their applications, but are not truly exploiting the platform: only 38% of cloud developers are leveraging cloud services, and just 12% are building fully cloud native applications.

The aim of the community project is to simplify building cloud native applications that are not just hosted in cloud environments, but that fully leverage and integrate with the additional capabilities that the platform provides. This includes providing documentation and tools as well as a core set of modules designed to help you build and deploy best-practise cloud native microservices that integrate with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) open source technologies.

CloudNativeJS assets

The CloudNativeJS project currently provides the following assets. This set is expected to extend over time to include not just a wider set of CNCF technologies, but to also include DevOps best practices.
  • Node.js module insights
  • Node.js module LTS policy
  • Template Dockerfiles
  • Template Helm charts
  • Health Check support
  • Prometheus monitoring
  • OpenTracing request tracking

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Find out more by visiting the website, or by contributing through any of the community channels:

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