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Implement voice controls for a serverless home automation hub

Discover how simple it is to build a home automation hub using natural-language services and OpenWhisk serverless technology.

Manage microservices traffic using Istio

Developers can use a service mesh to manage microservices with load balancing, advanced traffic management, request tracing and connective capabilities.

Create a stress-test app for investment portfolios

Make the markets more predictable by building a portfolio stress-testing app using a set of financial web services.

Featured Technologies


Finding patterns in data to derive information.

Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive technologies that can understand, reason, learn, and interact like humans.

Container Orchestration

Containers are virtual software objects that include all the elements that an app needs to run.

Featured Open Source Projects


The lightweight QISKit API is a thin Python wrapper around the Quantum Experience HTTP API that enables you to connect and execute OPENQASM code.

TJBot programmable robot

TJBot is a do-it-yourself kit that enables you to build a programmable cardboard robot powered by IBM Watson. It is part of the IBM Watson Maker Kits, a collection of DIY open source templates to connect to Watson services in a fun way.

Application Metrics for Swift

Collect and visualize resource and performance monitoring data for Swift-based applications.

Recent blog posts

Seamlessly integrate and track investment portfolios

by Raheel Zubairy and Rob Seidman Tracking investments can be messy business. Sometimes it’s hard to get a snapshot of one’s current holdings. Investment portfolios don’t always stand still, since every trade alters the makeup of a portfolio. This can be further complicated by the way people think about their investments; securities related to retirement...

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Serverless in banking: Optimize existing apps and build new ones faster

Our new developer journey, Automatically scale to handle peaks in banking transaction demand, shows you the real-world benefits of implementing a serverless architecture for a common retail banking process. In a recent proof-of-concept with a large global bank, my team modernized a check deposit workflow with an elastic, serverless architecture built on Apache OpenWhisk. We...

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