Andy Shi

Software Developer, San Francisco

Andy is a Software developer for the Digital Business Group. His interests includes Container technologies, i.e. Kubernetes, Istio, Cloud Foundry and Docker.

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Lagom application integration with IBM Cloud Object Storage

Normally when you order a persistence service on IBM Cloud, such as Cassandra or MySQL, the storage is already integrated into the service and developers...

Building serverless OAuth applications with IBM Cloud Functions

Build web apps that enable users to log in using their Google accounts and where IBM Cloud Functions hosts protected APIs.

Akka Cluster on Kubernetes: Smoothing out the bumps

A new code pattern shows you how to take advantage of Akka and Kubernetes together and realize the full benefits of both.

Get a taste of the LoopBack framework

Anyone who creates REST APIs knows how challenging it can be. But LoopBack, an extensible open source Node.js API framework, aims to simplify that experience....

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