Areej Essa

Cloud Develepor Advocate, IBM

Areej is a Cloud Developer and Advocate working in IBM, Dubai. She has graduated from University of Sharjah with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and was the top of the Engineering college. She is now doing her Masters in Computer Science and Engineering in the American University of Sharjah. Areej develops applications mainly in Python and C/C++ languages. She also works with developing back-end databases, APIs, and security services. She is also interested in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, and is currently developing herself to them. Areej works with startups & developers in Dubai and Sharjah to build applications using the IBM Cloud Platform and Watson services.

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Building a Swift application to aid the blind

This post was co-authored by Areej Essa and Saif Rehman. Imagine how blind people might feel if they can identify an object in front of...

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