Clyde is an Open Source Advocate for IBM's developerWorks/Open programme. He promotes innovative open source projects from IBM to help grow the projects' ecosystem. His areas of interests are: IoT; DevOps; Cloud; Analytics and Security. When not advocating for open source you can find him spending time with his family outdoors, coaching soccer, teaching robotics and leading a Cub Scout den.

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Configuring your enterprise Java microservice

An important part of a microservice is the need to properly configure it when deployed. Different deployment scenarios will need different configurations. Most applications need...

Analyzing open source projects for vitality and potential for success

A new guide helps you learn to look at open source projects using multiple viewpoints to get a holistic picture of their vitality and potential...

Visualizing high-dimension data for deep learning

Use TensorBoard to find the best way to reduce high-dimension data down to three or fewer dimensions.

Transfer money with the Real-Time Payments service

Learn how to build a web application that simulates a banking portal and uses the Real-Time Payments service to make transferring money as easy as...

Tech Talk replay: Implement computer vision for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds live streams

Recorded: November 15, 2017 Developer advocates Cullen Taylor and Spencer Krum talk about a new project called Rotisserie. Rotisserie is an open source IBM project...

Tech Talk replay: Using Swift to create a sample photo-sharing app

Recorded: Oct. 25, 2017 This session covers a quick introduction to Swift, discusses why it is relevant for server side development, describes how Swift applications...

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