Clyde is an Open Source Advocate for IBM's developerWorks/Open programme. He promotes innovative open source projects from IBM to help grow the projects' ecosystem. His areas of interests are: IoT; DevOps; Cloud; Analytics and Security. When not advocating for open source you can find him spending time with his family outdoors, coaching soccer, teaching robotics and leading a Cub Scout den.

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Flatten your learning curve for Watson Assistant with a learning roadmap

Learn the basic, intermediate, and advanced skills needed to build a conversation chatbot with Watson Assistant.

Create a web app to get stock information, prices, and sentiment

Use IBM Watson Discovery, a Cloudant database, Node.js, and Alpha Vantage to create a web app to monitor sentiment, price, and news for individually listed...

Predict impending equipment failures

IoT predictive analytics is used to predict any impending equipment failure. It utilizes predictive algorithms that leverage multivariate data collected from several IoT sensors mounted...

Configuring your enterprise Java microservice

An important part of a microservice is the need to properly configure it when deployed. Different deployment scenarios will need different configurations. Most applications need...

Analyzing open source projects for vitality and potential for success

A new guide helps you learn to look at open source projects using multiple viewpoints to get a holistic picture of their vitality and potential...

Visualizing high-dimension data for deep learning

Use TensorBoard to find the best way to reduce high-dimension data down to three or fewer dimensions.

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