Calvin Powers


Calvin Powers is a producer and showrunner for developerWorks TV.

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Jason McGee’s advice on going cloud native

Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO for IBM Cloud Platform, offers his 30-second pitch for companies looking to bring cloud native development to their...

Making containerd and the Container Runtime Interface work together

Uncover the basics of the Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface (CRI; a one-stop management system for conatiners, pods, and images) and containerd and learn how these...

Exploring the future of the Kubernetes community

Explore the aspects of the Kubernetes open source community that make it unique and examine a prediction for the future of the Kube technology.

Patterns preview: Deploy MicroProfile-based Java microservices on Kubernetes

Meet IBM Code patterns and learn how to easily create and deploy Java 8-based microservices using MicroProfile and Kubernetes.

Patterns preview: Deploy a Core ML model with Watson Visual Recognition

Learn how to create a Core ML model using Watson Visual Recognition and then deploy it to an iOS application.

Patterns preview: Analyze Twitter handles and hashtags

Dive into an IBM Code pattern that helps you analyze Twitter handles and hashtags for sentiment, emotional tone, and keywords using Watson Tone Analyzer, Natural...