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Ying Chun Guo, known as "Daisy", is an open source developer in IBM China development lab. She have spent several years in open source community, starting from OpenOffice, then to OpenStack, and recently to OpenWhisk. She started the contribution to ODF Toolkit since 2009, which provides API to manipulate ODF ( Open Document Format , which is the native document format of OpenOffice) document by program. Then she switched to OpenStack in 2012. Her first contribution to OpenStack community was to help documentation team to build their translation process and platform. As a result of that, she became the global coordinator of OpenStack translation team, later OpenStack I18n Team officially. She was the PTL ( Project Technical Leader ) of OpenStack I18n Team in Liberty and Mitaka develop cycle. Now she moved to OpenWhisk since April 2016, which is a distributed event driven programming service. She can be reached by email: guoyingc@cn.ibm.com. If you want to talk to her, feel free to send emails.

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