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Jill Amaya is the developerWorks Content Initiative Manager for IBM Watson.

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Speed up data exploration with PixieDust and Jupyter Notebooks

With PixieDust you can use the power of Python and Jupyter Notebooks when you have never coded before, are an experienced data analyst or data...

How Watson can help Penn State students find their dream job

Learn how students at Penn State used Watson technology to help students find their dream job.

Add new data sources to IBM StoredIQ using the Connector API SDK

Use the Connector API SDK to create a custom connector for new data sources that StoredIQ does not support.

Running Node.js in Jupyter Notebooks

Create a custom environment for your data science notebook in Watson Studio.

Predicting fraud using skewed data

Risk mitigation is one of the key factors in the financial domain and one big risk is fraudulent transactions that can lead to a breach...

Answering the call by predicting wildfire intensity

Build a predictive model using Watson Studio and IBM Watson Machine Learning.

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