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John Swanson joined developerWorks in 2000 and has been developing technical content for IBM ever since. As the Content Initiative Manager for developerWorks Cloud, he now enjoys exploring and sharing the latest tools and techniques in this dynamic realm. John lives in Massachusetts, where he enjoys the weather 11 months out of the year.

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Zowe open source project: Now is the time to become a mainframe developer

Find out all about Zowe, the first z/OS open source project and part of the Linux Foundation's Open Mainframe Project community.

Private cloud adoption: Digital transformation is key to growth

The adoption of private cloud at such massive growth rate in such a short time is unprecedented. Key motivating factors include security, sustainable innovation, vendor...

Role models: Cultivate skills for IBM Z

By Troy Crutcher and Meredith Stowell Working with the IBM Z Academic Initiative program, we hear similar questions each day. Are young folks interested in...

Call for Code: Using technology to pay it forward and help those in need

Find out how you can leverage your tech know-how for good by creating solutions that improve preparedness for natural disasters and relief.

IBM tackles natural disaster relief as founding partner for Call for Code

Find out how you can get involved in this new initiative, which taps into the talents of developers worldwide to help those in need.

Tech in times of disaster

When disasters happen, the tech used to support relief teams in the field must be resilient, secure, and able to scale immediately. Seconds count and...

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