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Watson and Node-RED: Home monitoring the smart way

Proactively monitor performance of your household devices and address problems before they turn into disasters.

Get a leg up on blockchain with Hyperledger Composer

Hyperledger Composer is built on open technology and comes with a tool set that enables you to model your business network to implement blockchain.

Recommendation app puts choice at your fingertips

This developer journey shows you how to build a voice-controlled recommendation app to help you find a restaurant or retail location.

Implement APIs using Swift to easily port apps to iOS

Learn to implement Watson APIs using Swift, so your applications are easily ported to an iOS platform.

Your home is getting smarter. Are you?

Homes and interior settings are becoming more connected thanks to IoT. Our new developer journey opens the door to home automation development.

Make an investment in fintech skills

This new journey shows the power of financial web services in analyzing investment portfolios and understanding different "what if" scenarios.

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