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My name is Eugene Michael Maximilien but I typically go by max or dr.max. I am CTO for IBM Cloud in the Open Technology group. Primary focus is Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Istio, and other OSS cloud projects. Connect with me on Twitter or Instragram @maximilien or via my personal web site: https://maximilien.org.

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Cloud Foundry Summit 2018: Preview of IBM’s talks and events

Check out all the highlights of the various talks and activities that IBM will be taking part in at the upcoming Cloud Foundry Summit 2018...

CF Day @ Index 2018: New strategies for managing BOSH deployments

At Index 2018, BOSH anchor and lead engineer Danny Berger presented four key recent and important features that improve and simplify BOSH use.

CF Day @ Index 2018: A recap

Cloud Foundry (CF) is the most mature Platform as a Service (PaaS) on the market today. There are dozens of production environments available for anyone...

CF Day @ Index 2018: Open Service Broker APIs in Cloud Foundry and hybrid clouds

At Index 2018, an IBM team gave a primer on OSBA services within Cloud Foundry, showing various details of how brokers are used and managed.

CF Day @ Index 2018: Top 10 recent and upcoming improvements to CF CLI

A presentation at the recent Index 2018 conference served as both an introduction to Cloud Foundry and a reminder about the power of the command...

Platform as a Service as a modern, distributed operating system, part 2: Comparing classic OS components to PaaS

Discover how common operating system (OS) concepts map to Platform as a Service (PaaS) concepts.

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