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I am a writer, editor, and digital content strategist at IBM Canada. I appreciate crisp writing, cold beer, and the Oxford comma. When I'm not in front of one screen or another, you'll find me on the court playing something that vaguely resembles tennis.

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Tech Talk replay: Deploy an asset-transfer app using blockchain

Recorded: September 20, 2017 This talk provides an in-depth look at blockchain and its practical applications, including an overview of blockchain concepts, a look at...

IBM Code Tech Talk replay: Implement voice controls for a serverless home automation hub

Recorded: September 13, 2017 Discover the underlying technologies and architecture required to build natural language interfaces to control IoT devices. The session covers serverless frameworks,...

IBM Code Tech Talk: Adventures in IoT — TJBot, and mobile augmented reality

Recorded: July 26, 2017 Join Rich Hagerty, Sanjay Saxena, and Sanjeev Ghimere for a look at two developer journeys that explore new Internet of Things...

Blockchain: A journey through the new digital fabric for business

Blockchain promises to lay down a new digital fabric for business. Start building your blockchain impmentation using Hyperledger Composer and LinuxONE.

Bluemix Documentation Tech Talk

Recorded: May 10, 2017 The IBM Bluemix product documentation project invites Bluemix users to collaborate in creating product documentation that is accurate and up-to-date. In...

Accessibility Tech Talk

Recorded: April 26, 2017 IBM has released two new projects on the developerWorks/open community, AccProbe and Va11yS, to help alleviate accessibility roadblocks during the agile...

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