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I am a writer, editor, and digital content strategist at IBM Canada. I appreciate crisp writing, cold beer, and the Oxford comma. When I'm not in front of one screen or another, you'll find me on the court playing something that vaguely resembles tennis.

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Innovation evolution: Developer journeys are now “code patterns”

Developer journeys are now "code patterns," repeatable programming patterns that you can use, adapt, and improve within your own development environment.

Tech Talk replay: FinTech patterns

Recorded: November 13, 2017 IBM Offering Manager Rob Seidman explores use cases poised to alter the way that financial institutions conduct their business, including aggregation...

Tech Talk replay: Rosie Pattern Language for faster data mining

Recorded: November 8, 2017 Dr. Jamie Jennings, IBM Senior Technical Staff Member in IBM Cloud, gives you the latest on Rosie Pattern Language, designed to...

Tech Talk replay: Use data science to up your game performance

Recorded: August 24, 2017 Spencer Krum shows you how he uses Jupyter Notebooks and IBM Data Science Experience (DSX) to analyze professional StarCraft II matches....


IBM evaluates open source communities by looking closely at five key aspects: licensing, commit process, ecosystem, activity, and open governance.

Tech Talk replay: Build faster banking apps with IBM Cloud Functions

Recorded: November 1, 2017 In this video, IBM software engineer and developer advocate Daniel Krook demonstrates the potential of serverless architectures through a banking app...

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