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I am a writer, editor, and digital content strategist at IBM Canada. I appreciate crisp writing, cold beer, and the Oxford comma. When I'm not in front of one screen or another, you'll find me on the court playing something that vaguely resembles tennis.

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Peripheral boosters for Watson Assistant

The author describes boosters for identifying and fixing syntactic errors for unigrams and bigrams by adapting existing open source components.

Getting Node-RED to one million downloads

The co-creator of Node-RED reflects on what it's taken to achieve one million downloads and looks forward to what comes next.

EcoPlant: Saving energy with IBM Cloud

Get an inside look at the software architecture built by IBM developers for EcoPlant, a recent startup that has developed an energy saving platform for...

Tech Talk replay: Use IBM Cloud Private to bring cloud efficiency to your data center

Recorded: November 29, 2017 IBM Developer Advocate John Zaccone provides an overview of IBM Cloud Private, including how to set up and use the hassle-free...

Averting disaster: Using IBM Cloud Functions to analyze an image and send an alert

If you're a developer who needs to help an organization anticipate, locate, analyze, and respond to emergency situations, the code pattern "Analyze an image and...

Innovation evolution: Developer journeys are now “code patterns”

Developer journeys are now "code patterns," repeatable programming patterns that you can use, adapt, and improve within your own development environment.

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