Ravid Sagy

I joined IBM through the Trusteer acquisition. I'm a member of the Security Innovation team. I'm currently involved with Internet Of Things especially from the perspective of security. Practically, this lead to the development of the Libsecurity. In my previous life, I was part of the founding team of P-cube (acquired by Cisco) where we invented and developed the Deep Packet Inspection. I like to travel all over the world (including hiking in the Himalayas) with my wife and my 4 kids. I like reading and I'm interested in mostly anything (science and technology, economics, history ...).

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Secure your small devices with libsecurity-c

The memory footprint of small devices dictates the use of C as the programing language, while for stronger devices with larger memory footprint that...

Internet of Things security: Meeting the challenge, pt. 2

Libsecurity implements a security mechanism using a one-time, highly secure password that combines a shared secret with time- or event-based information.

Internet of Things security: Meeting the challenge, pt. 1

Hackers try to gain control of IoT devices to use them for malicious purposes, such as sending misleading data or penetrating a user's network and...

Internet of Things security: New connections, new threats

Consumers have bought into connected devices, but recent studies of these IoT devices seem to agree that security is not a primary concern, leaving those...

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