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Speech sockets for web pages

See how to make use of Watson Speech To Text with Web Sockets in Node-RED.

Discovery of Hummus for PDFs

Last week I was asked to mentor at the University College London (UCL) and IBM Sponsored Bentham hackathon. Jeremy Bentham, founder of UCL, wrote on...

Microphones, payloads, and Frankfurt

Making the endpoints configurable I recently noticed a surge of forum postings complaining of Watson™ nodes not being able to find valid service credentials. Upon...

Blue Bank on Node-RED

The Blue Bank node for Watson on Node-RED provides sample code for consuming APIs, and a fast mechanism to incorporate banking capabilities into your apps.

Agile in multi-parts

This Node-RED node enables developers and non-developers alike to create models where you can submit an image using Watson Visual Recognition service.

Manipulating Watson Conversation Intents using Promises in Watson on Node-RED

Understanding Promises When I started programming with Node.js, I complained a lot about nesting asynchronous in anonymous functions and the spaghetti code that it leads...

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