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IBM Coders are passionate about building great software. The IBM Coder program is all about focusing that passion. When you become an IBM Coder, you’ll connect with technology pacesetters and coding groundbreakers. You’ll be at the forefront of new coding techniques and will help to build stronger technology communities. Simply put, you will be helping to lead the next wave of the technology revolution.


Why become an IBM Coder?

It’s easy to become an IBM Coder. There’s no cost to join, and you get immediate practical benefits:

  • Access to developer resources. IBM Coders are leaders in the development community. When you become an IBM Coder, you get access to educational resources, guides, and best practices that will help you optimize your code and establish yourself as a technology leader. Whether you’re looking to organize a meetup, fork an open source project, or complete a tutorial on a hot new programming language, you’ll find practical instructions and examples from coders just like you who are in the field every day.
  • Notifications about new developer journeys, open source projects, and more. IBM Coders are problem-solvers and innovators. Our global team is busy producing developer journeys to show you how to achieve programming goals quickly. As an IBM Coder, you’ll be notified first whenever we publish a new journey. We’ll also let you know about exciting new open source projects that you can use as-is or as the starting point for your own programming effort.
  • Advice from a developer advocate. IBM has a broad network of developer advocates around the world who can help you with your meetups, hackathons, workshops, or any other activity around technology that you are passionate about. As an IBM Coder, you get exclusive access to these technology leaders; their sole focus is to engage with you and help you make your community successful.
  • Achieve recognition and rewards. We’ll soon announce details about how you can gain recognition and win prizes for being an active IBM Coder and community leader. We want you to reap the rewards for helping to build the IBM Code Community. You’ll be recognized for such community-building activities as:
    • Participating in an IBM-hosted meetup
    • Hosting a meetup using IBM-provided materials
    • Meeting with an IBM Code developer advocate
    • Inviting an IBM Code developer advocate to present at your meetup
    • Contributing to an IBM Code open source project
    • Present journey content at a conference or meetup

Find an event

Meetups, conferences, and hackathons are ideal for getting to know fellow technology enthusiasts and growing your passion. You’ll meet like-minded people who are eager to learn about a technology — everyone who attends is there because they want to be there. If you’re ready to learn more about a technology, it’s time to attend an event, make some new friends, and start contributing today!

Learn from our advocates

Our developer advocate team wants to help you tell the world about the technologies that you’re passionate about. Discover guides, tutorials, tips, and best practices. And when you’re ready, begin submitting your own content and start hosting and presenting!

Discover what the advocates are sharing

Our developer advocates never stop creating. Come check out our content, from developer journeys to blogs, event summaries to videos, open source projects to … well, you get the idea. There’s always something new to discover.

Connect with an advocate

Need guidance in a particular technology area? Looking for a speaker for a technology meetup or event? Check out our list of developer advocates and find someone in your area and subject matter. We can’t wait to help!

See what our advocates are up to

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Developer Dojo with Angel Diaz

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March 21, 2017

Developer Dojo with Angel Diaz

Angel Diaz on the interlocking Open Tech projects

March 21, 2017

#developerJourneys in the wild with Doug Davis

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Advocates showing how Watson is helping eSports athletes improve at Starcraft II #IBMInterconnect

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Our advocates manning the #smartFlight at #IBMInterconnect

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