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Meetups, conferences, and hackathons are ideal for getting to know fellow technology enthusiasts and growing your passion. You’ll meet like-minded people who are eager to learn about a technology — everyone who attends is there because they want to be there. If you’re ready to learn more about a technology, it’s time to attend an event, make some new friends, and start contributing today!

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Our developer advocate team wants to help you tell the world about the technologies that you’re passionate about. Discover guides, tutorials, tips, and best practices. And when you’re ready, begin submitting your own content and start hosting and presenting!

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Our developer advocates never stop creating. Come check out our content, from developer patterns to blogs, event summaries to videos, open source projects to … well, you get the idea. There’s always something new to discover.

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Need guidance in a particular technology area? Looking for a speaker for a technology meetup or event? Check out our list of developer advocates and find someone in your area and subject matter. We can’t wait to help!

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