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All the resources you will need to host meetups, hackathons, and tutorials. You will also find materials on how to write blogs about your favorite technologies. Our goal is to help you as IBM coders to share the message about all the great technologies that you are passionate about. Technology should be fun, so use the resources we provide here to make sharing that message fun and easy.

IBM Coder’s in action

IBM Coders are passionate about building great software. The IBM Coder program is all about focusing that passion. And what better way to focus that passion than by hosting a meetup, running a hackathon, creating a tutorial, or writing a blog. Below you will find that we have made it easy for you to do that. The four cards below give you the basics to make each one of those tasks simple and fun to do.

Host a meetup

Education with fellow developers, architects and enthusiasts, in a social setting

Run a Hackathon

Give back, grow open source ecosystems, and highlight your technical eminence

Write a Blog

Write an article about a technology or set of technologies that you are passionate about, often giving your views and opinions about that technology.

Create a Tutorial

Educational article about a technology area with clearly defined examples that people can try for themselves