Related Journeys

Analyze historical shopping data with Spark and PixieDust in a Jupyter notebook

Create bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, pie charts, histograms, and maps without any coding.

Deploy a financial microservice on LinuxONE using IBM Cloud Private

Use a hybrid cloud architecture to deploy a banking microservice on LinuxOne that accesses a simulated retail bank on an IBM Z Mainframe.

Design a step-tracking app with Kitura and Kubernetes

Create an easy iOS step-tracking app and reward users with "fitcoins" by using full-stack Swift.

Add new data sources to IBM StoredIQ using the Connector API SDK

Use the Connector API SDK to create a custom connector for new data sources that StoredIQ does not support.

Integrate a Lagom application with IBM Cloud Object Storage

Learn how to directly access IBM object storage from a Lagom application.

Perform big data preparation and exploration

Use Watson Studio and scalable machine learning tool R4ML to load a dataset and do uniform sampling for visual data exploration.

Build an airline booking platform on a private cloud

Build a sample airline booking application that uses a microservices architecture, based on Node.js. Then, deploy it on IBM Cloud Private.

Create a Google Action with Watson Assistant

Use Watson Assistant as the brains behind a Google Assistant Action to easily build a human-like chatbot.

Predicting fraud using skewed data

Build and evaluate different predictive models and see the impact of sampling techniques on the accuracy of the predictive models.

Run a Drupal website on Kubernetes

In this pattern, we will set up a Drupal site by using Kubernetes and Postgres.

Create a movie recommendation system

Create an iOS app that helps you find new movies to watch by using Turi Create, Apple's new deep learning framework.

Real-time payments with a chatbot

Create a chatbot assistant to process payments and provide account information using Watson and the Real-Time Payments services on IBM Cloud.

Predict wildfire intensity

Use NASA data with Watson Studio and Machine Learning to predict the intensity of wildfires.

Track an object in space

Build a web UI that uses tools such as Node-RED and IBM Watson Assistant to track objects in space.

Identify cities from space

Create a custom classifier with IBM Watson Visual Recognition that identifies several cities based on their images at night.

Create a fair-trade supply network

In this developer code pattern, we will create a blockchain app that increases visibility and efficiency in the supply chain of a coffee retailer.

Run Node.js code in Jupyter Notebooks

Utilize the power of Node.js in Jupyter Notebooks with pixiedust_node, an open source Python library.

Train and evaluate an audio classifier

Train a deep learning model to classify audio embeddings on Watson Machine Learning and perform inference/evaluation with Watson Studio.

Train a model on fashion dataset

Leverage Tensorflow and Fabric for Deep Learning to train and deploy Fashion MNIST model on Kubernetes.

Integrate adversarial attacks into a model training pipeline

Use a Jupyter Notebook to integrate the Fast Gradient Method from the Adversarial Robustness Toolbox into a model training pipeline leveraging FfDL.

Create a web app to interact with machine learning generated image captions

Use an open source image caption generator deep learning model to filter images based on their content in a web application.

Create a virtual help desk

Use Node.js, Watson Assistant, and Watson Discovery services to create a virtual help desk to interact with end users for simple FAQ answer discovery.

Create a smarter procurement system with Watson services

Use Watson Knowledge Studio (WKS) to build a custom model to better categorize and structure procurement-related data for Watson Discovery to process and enrich so you can make purchasing decisions more quickly and accurately.

Create and deploy a blockchain network using Hyperledger Fabric SDK Java

Create and deploy a blockchain network using Hyperledger Fabric SDK Java, setting up and initializing the channel, installing and instantiating chaincode, and performing invoke and query on your blockchain network.

Implement asset securitization on a blockchain ledger

Deploy a React UI that has can submit blockchain transactions and view the state of a blockchain ledger as updated.

Retrieve client insights for wealth management companies

Explore the Client Insight for Wealth Management service through a Jupyter Notebook and create a web application with the service.

Understand customer interests with clickstream analysis

Use Scala in a Jupyter Notebook to ingest and analyze clickstream data. The data is fed into IBM Db2 Event Store which is optimized for event-driven data processing and analytics.

Create a dynamic indoor map in an iOS app

Build a dynamic indoor map app using Apple MapKit. Add in floor plans and add in other overlays. Use a heat map to present the dynamic data.

Analyze bank marketing data using XGBoost to gain insights into client purchases

Use machine learning to predict a bank client's CD purchase with XGBoost, scikit-learn, and Python in IBM Watson Studio.

Analyze product reviews and generate a shopping guide

Create a Node.js app that takes Amazon reviews and feeds them into the Watson Natural Language Understanding service, which will determine the average review sentiment for you.

Interacting with a blockchain network

Execute transactions and requests against a blockchain network by creating an app to test the network and its rules.

Leverage blockchain monitoring

Learn how to create a blockchain monitoring app using React and Node.js with the Hyperledger Fabric SDK.

Use MQTT to stream real-time data

Create a real-time stream of carbon intensity for the NY State grid with MQTT and Kubernetes

Create an Android app with Blockchain integration

This code pattern is for developers who want to provide data anonymity and security to their users. Learn how to build a native Android app, deploy a Blockchain Network in Kubernetes, and then integrate the Android app with the Blockchain Network.

Take corrective actions at the edge based on predictive analytics of IoT sensor data

Once an anomaly is detected in an IoT system or sub-system using change point detection, a failure prediction based on predictive analytics models can identify an upcoming failure condition in advance. Then, based on this detection, a proactive prescriptive action can be taken.

Create a customer loyalty program with blockchain

Create a blockchain application for a customer loyalty program with members and partners on the same network.

Build an iOS game powered by Core ML and Watson Visual Recognition

Use Watson Visual Recognition and Core ML to create a Kitura-based iOS game that has a user search for a predetermined list of objects.

Deliver optimized, personalized search results

This pattern demonstrates a methodology to personalize search results by identifying clear-cut affinities/preferences across various categories customers have ordered from.

Determine target audience and run marketing campaigns

Pattern demonstrates the methodology to determine target audience and run marketing campaigns using Watson Studio and Watson Campaign Automation.

Track donations with blockchain

Create a blockchain network for validating pledges and tracking funds made by the government for humanitarian causes.

Object tracking in video with OpenCV and Deep Learning

Use automatic labeling to create a model from a video, then use the model to annotate a video.

Develop a web-based mobile health app that uses machine learning

Deploy and use a web-based health app on your smartphone using Watson services on IBM Cloud and IBM Watson Studio.

Deploy Hyperledger Fabric network on IBM Cloud

Get started with blockchain by deploying the blockchain network on Hyperledger Fabric using Kubernetes APIs on the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

Classify ICD-10 data with Watson

A simple web app shows how Watson's Natural Language Classifier (NLC) can classify ICD-10 code.

Integrate RabbitMQ and Redis Cluster with a blockchain network

Check out how to control the flow of requests to a blockchain network using RabbitMQ and Redis Cluster.

Create a web app to analyze and visualize IoT device data

Create an application to view trends of IoT device data across days and other statistical plots to analyze the data.

Develop an IoT asset tracking app using Blockchain

You can use this code pattern to to track environmental conditions for a food safety supply chain, refrigerated medical supplies, garden plant shipments, or any perishable shipment that are sensitive to the temperature, humidity, vibration, or time.

Use IoT dashboards to analyze data sent from a Blockchain network

Build an IoT app that stores, processes, and analyzes data from a Blockchain app and sends the data to be displayed in IoT dashboards.

Load test your blockchain network

Load test your blockchain application by submitting a large number of enroll, invoke, and query requests, then viewing the results in MongoDB.

Create an app to get stock information, prices, and sentiment

Use IBM Watson Discovery, CloudantDB, Node.js, and Alpha Vantage to create a web app to monitor sentiment, price, and news for individually listed stocks.

Build a dynamic dashboard application

This code pattern provides an Angular 5 and Node.js demo app that demonstrates IBM Cognos Dashboard Embedded, an IBM Cloud service for visualizations.

Ingest and analyze event data streams for timely insights

Visualize statistics about taxi rides while the event data is streamed from an external program.

Optimize your visual recognition classification

Build training and prediction apps with Java, Watson IoT Platform, Node-RED, and Watson Visual Recognition service.

Create an augmented reality application with facial detection

Create an app that combines ARKit with Watson Visual Recognition and a Cloudant database to give you a complete augmented reality experience.

Analyze SMS messages with Watson Knowledge Studio

Build a custom model to better categorize SMS message content using Watson Knowledge Studio and Watson Natural Language Understanding.

Recycle with Watson

Create an iOS phone application that uses a Watson Visual Recognition custom classifier to sort waste into three categories (landfill, recycling, or compost).

Deploy a React application on Kubernetes

Built for developers who are interested in learning how to deploy a React application on Kubernetes, this code pattern uses the React and Redux framework and calls the OMDb API to look up movie information based on user input. This pattern can be built and run on both Docker and Kubernetes.

Get customer insights from product reviews

Walk through a working example of a web application that queries and manipulates data from the Watson Discovery Service. Use Watson Knowledge Studio to enhance the data enrichments, and then use the app's UI components as a starting point for developing your own Watson Discovery Service applications.

Generate restaurant reviews using deep learning

Train a deep learning language model in a notebook using Keras and Tensorflow.

Deploy and use a multi-framework deep learning platform on Kubernetes

Deploy and consume a deep learning platform on Kubernetes, offering TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch etc. as a service.

Deploy a Core ML model with Watson Visual Recognition

With Core ML, developers can integrate a trained machine learning model into an application. Watson Visual Recognition now supports exporting trained Core ML models. This code pattern shows you how to create a Core ML model using Watson Visual Recognition, which is then bundled into an application.

Integrate Watson AI into Salesforce apps

Learn how to use the Watson Salesforce SDK to make calls to Watson Visual Recognition, Watson Discovery, and Watson Tone Analyzer APIs.

Develop protected serverless web applications

In this code pattern, we demonstrate how to utilize IBM Cloud Functions with OAuth 2 to enable the authentication and authorization in a web app.

Use Mongoose and MongoDB to serve app data

Use Mongoose, an Object Data Modeling library, to connect to your MongoDB, manage data relationships, and provides schema validation for MongoDB objects.

Explore Hyperledger Fabric through a complete set of APIs

Learn how to begin the process of building a Hyperledger blockchain application using the Hyperledger Fabric SDK API.

Deploy a serverless multilingual conference room

Create a multilingual conference room using Watson Text to Speech. OpenWhisk actions and a MQTT messaging broker are also used in this scenario.

Analyze open medical datasets to gain insights

Use this code pattern as a beginning guide to run through various machine learning classifiers and compare the outputs with evaluating measures.

Create and deploy a scoring model to predict heartrate failure

Use IBM Watson Studio to build a predictive model with Watson Machine Learning.

Determine trending topics with clickstream analysis

Demonstrate how to detect real-time trending topics on popular websites by collecting data on user visits.

Deploy Akka Cluster on Kubernetes

Akka Cluster is a fault-tolerant peer-to-peer cluster membership service. Kubernetes provides multiple features that are a great fit for running applications built with Akka Cluster. Learn how to configure your Akka Cluster application to run on top of Kubernetes, taking advantage of its many standard features.

Create a podcast downloader using serverless technology

Learn how to use serverless technology to build a podcast downloader while gaining an introduction to serverless processes and programming.

Create an app to perform intelligent searches on data

Walk through a working example of a web application that queries and manipulates data from the Watson Discovery Service. This web app contains multiple UI components that you can use as a starting point for developing your own Watson Discovery Service applications.

Create a soccer league dashboard app

Use Akka, React, and IBM Cloudant to deploy soccer league dashboard app on IBM Cloud.

Build a financial stress-test app with natural language generation

Build a stress-testing app for investment portfolios that includes integration with natural language generation to produce detailed portfolio analysis.

Create a rewards program application and APIs

Use Node.js to create your back-end application and generate a set of APIs for your enterprise. Deploy the application on z/OS for best performance and security.

Locate and count items with object detection

This code pattern demonstrates how to use PowerAI Vision Object Detection to detect and label objects within an image.

Create visualizations to understand food insecurity

This pattern walks you through how to educate others about food insecurity with IBM Watson Studio, pandas, PixieDust, and Watson Analytics.

Develop hybrid mobile app with cloud-native back end

This developer code pattern gives you step-by-step instructions for developing an Ionic/Cordova hybrid mobile app that securely connects to Cloudant and object storage services via IBM Mobile Foundation.

Predict equipment failure using IoT sensor data

Walk through a prediction methodology that utilizes multivariate IoT sensor data to predict equipment failure.

Automate business processes via blockchain events

Extend your blockchain application with event handling, so that transactions on the shared ledger can initiate actions automatically. This pattern shows you how to programmatically generate and receive event notifications from the blockchain network.

Classify vehicle damage images

Create a mobile app that takes a picture of vehicle damage and sends it to an insurance company to identify and classify the problem.

Mine insights from software development artifacts

Learn how to build an interactive text analytics solution with customization using IBM Watson Studio, Python NLTK, IBM Cloud services, Watson services, and Orient DB.

Configure your app using Eclipse MicroProfile Config

Easily configure your application from system properties, environment variables, and more.

Classify art using TensorFlow

Learn how to build your own data set and train a TensorFlow model for image classification on a Kubernetes cluster.

Create a real-time payments app

Learn how to use IBM Cloud finance services to create a real-time payments application. These services are integrated into a web interface that manages the user’s tokens and recipients using the Real-Time Payments service.

Fingerprinting personal data from unstructured text

IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding together with Watson Knowledge Studio provides an effective way to identify required information from unstructured documents. The result can be augmented with regular expressions, and personal data identified is provided a score based on which further processing or consuming can be done.

Build a blockchain insurance app

With its distributed ledger, smart contracts, and non-repudiation capabilities, blockchain is revolutionizing the way financial organizations do business, and the insurance industry is no exception. This code pattern shows you how to implement a web-based blockchain app using Hyperledger Fabric to facilitate insurance sales and claims.

Compute analytics on an investment portfolio

Leverage full revaluation cashflow models in a single line of code to more readily integrate sophisticated analysis into end-user applications.

Create an Offline First shopping list Progressive Web App

Shopping List is an offline-first progressive web app demo built using Polymer and PouchDB. The app is designed to work offline and will sync with Cloudant NoSQL DB when online.

Explore Spark SQL and its performance using TPC-DS workload

Learn how to setup and run the TPC-DS benchmark to evaluate and measure the performance of your Spark SQL system.

Analyze an image and send a status alert

Build an app that loads an image to a database, analyzes it, and based on the results, triggers an alert indicating a need for action.

Store, graph, and derive insights from interconnected data

Discover how to mine, analyze, and gain insight from complex relationship data and social media using OrientDB and the IBM Data Science Experience (DSX).

Analyze Twitter handles and hashtags for sentiment and content

Create charts and graphs for Sentiment, Emotional Tone, and Keywords for Twitter handles and hashtags.

Use Spark SQL to access NoSQL HBase tables

Learn how to use Spark SQL and HSpark connector package to create and query data tables that reside in HBase region servers.

Analyze industrial equipment for defects

Automate inspection of industrial equipment by using images and the Watson Visual Recognition service to find and fix defects.

Cloud-host a graph database using Kubernetes

Learn how to quickly host OrientDB on the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service by using Kubernetes APIs.

Create a mobile handwritten Hangul translation app

Create a mobile application leveraging TensorFlow that will recognize and translate handwritten Korean characters.

Perform a machine learning exercise

Dive into machine learning by performing an exercise on IBM Watson Studio using Apache SystemML.

Build a recommender with Apache Spark and Elasticsearch

This developer pattern demonstrates the key elements of creating a recommender system by using Apache Spark and Elasticsearch.

Develop a graph database app using JanusGraph

Develop a twitter-like application using JanusGraph, covering model creation, data generation, data ingestion, and graph querying.

Construct a socially responsible investment portfolio

Construct and rebalance investment portfolios using the Portfolio Optimization service and data from the Investment Portfolio service.

Build a robotic calculations and inference agent

This pattern takes you through end to end flow of steps in building an interactive interface between NAO Robot, Watson Assistant API and Watson Studio.

Develop an IoT app with Node-RED and Watson

Simulate an IoT device, a motor that you can manage via Node-RED, the Watson IoT platform and the typical PaaS services. Monitor streaming device data with the IoT dashboard and persist it using a Cloudant database.

Create REST APIs using LoopBack

Build and Expose REST APIs with LoopBack in 5 minutes.

Correlate documents from different sources

Correlate content across documents using Python NLTK, Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and IBM Data Science Experience (DSX)

Create an Android calorie-counter app

Built for developers familiar with JavaScript and Node.js that are interested in creating a mobile app that interacts with the camera on a mobile device. Captured food images are identified and processed so that nutritional information can be generated and displayed. This journey makes use of the Watson Node.js SDK to access visual recognition processing.

Create an Alexa skill with serverless and a conversation

Integrate your Alexa skill with a serverless action and have a conversation about the weather, build your own conversation, or choose a conversation from the Bot Asset Exchange.

Implement computer vision for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds live streams

PUBG Rotisserie performs OCR on Twitch live streams to identify which streams have only a handful of players left and are close to the final moments of play.

Build your first blockchain application

Get started with this secure, distributed, open ledger technology by completing a journey series that shows you how to build a working blockchain app step by step.

Create and execute blockchain smart contracts

Use the Hyperledger Composer framework to create and execute smart contracts within a blockchain application built on Hyperledger Fabric.

Orchestrate data science workflows using Node-RED

Build a web interface using Node-RED to trigger an analytics workflow on IBM Watson Studio.

Build and monitor your own IoT-driven conveyor belt

Create a basic conveyor belt with an IoT device that sends monitoring data to Watson IoT Platform on IBM Cloud.

Model FDA Foreign Supplier Verification Program requirements

In this journey, we capture the regulatory compliance logic for the FDA Foreign Supplier Verification Program in a smart contract deployed on a business network.

Integrate a financial investment portfolio

Retrieve portfolios from financial institutions using the Quovo Aggregation API and load the data into the IBM Cloud Investment Portfolio service.

Automatically scale to handle peaks in banking transaction demand

Enable your mobile check deposit processing system to scale automatically in response to payday demand.

Assemble a pizza-ordering chatbot dialog

The new Watson Conversation Slots feature allows you to create a complex dialog with fewer nodes. Using slots in this example, we can define the fields in one dialog node and handle the logic in a single node.

Enrich multimedia files using services

Use the IBM Watson Node.js SDK to create a web UI app that enriches multimedia files using speech-to-text conversion, tone analysis, natural language understanding, and visual recognition processing.

Extend Watson text classification

Augment classification of text from Watson Natural Language Understanding with IBM Watson Studio.

Detect change points in IoT sensor data

Use time series from IoT sensor data, IBM Watson Studio, and the R statistical computing project to analyze the data and detect change points.

Create a news alerting app

Create a news app in Node.js to deliver custom alerts via email for specific products or brands mentioned in the news. The app can also alert user on brand sentiment, related products as well as stock price changes.

Detect voltage anomalies in household IoT devices

Get a head start on developing connected devices in the home. Using Node-RED and Watson IoT APIs, you'll learn how to build a cognitive IoT app that detects irregularities in the voltage of your connected household devices.

Build a blockchain network

Get started with blockchain technology by learning how to build a blockchain network using Hyperledger Composer.

Make Java microservices resilient with Istio

Leverage Istio service mesh to introduce advanced resiliency and fault tolerance in your applications without changing application code.

Create a decentralized energy network with Hyperledger Composer

Use Hyperledger Composer to create a decentralized energy network of residents, banks, and utility companies in which residents exchange energy for coins with other residents and utilities, and exchange coins for fiat currency with banks.

Run blockchain technology on a Linux mainframe

Discover how to use Hyperledger Composer and its tools, editors, and business network model to write, deploy, and test chaincode on LinuxONE.

Transform the retail customer experience with APIs on a mainframe

Create retail applications that leverage data from enterprise IT infrastructure using APIs in a hybrid cloud environment -- no mainframe knowledge required.

Apply machine learning to financial risk management

Use machine learning to perform secure, real-time risk assessment and management to help financial institutions more accurately determine credit worthiness.

Create financial applications using APIs on mainframe

Utilize retail banking APIs to drive fast, agile innovation with mainframe hybrid cloud architecture

Create a cognitive news search app

Build a cognitive news search and trends web app using Node.js and the Watson Discovery service.

Run cloud-native workloads on a Linux mainframe

Open source is now the dominant method for creating cloud-native software, with Docker at the center of most container-based innovations. Discover how modern open source containerized development ecosystems fit with traditional secure, high performance enterprise systems.

Image recognition training with PowerAI notebooks

Use transfer learning to leverage the TensorFlow Inception model and create your own image classifier using a PowerAI Jupyter Notebook.

Deploy Spring Boot microservices on Kubernetes

This developer journey demonstrates a deployment of a polyglot microservices application including Spring Boot microservices on a Kubernetes cluster.

Build a cognitive recommendation app with Swift

Build an app that recommends local restaurants and which can be adapted to provide other recommendations, reservations, event planning, and tooling using Swift, Watson services, and the Kitura framework.

Use Swift to interpret unstructured data from Hacker News

Learn how to pull data points -- concepts, entities, categories, keywords, sentiment, emotion, etc. -- from Hacker News articles using natural-language service calls from a Swift-based application.

Discover hidden Facebook usage insights

Enrich unstructured data from Facebook using a Jupyter Notebook with Watson Visual Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, and Tone Analyzer, then use PixieDust to explore the results and uncover hidden insights.

Implement voice controls for a serverless home automation hub

Discover how simple it is to build a home automation hub using natural-language services and OpenWhisk serverless technology.

Manage microservices traffic using Istio

Developers can use a service mesh to manage microservices with load balancing, advanced traffic management, request tracing and connective capabilities.

Create a stress-test app for investment portfolios

Make the markets more predictable by building a portfolio stress-testing app using a set of financial web services.

Mine data breaches for insights

Learn how to use the Watson Discovery Service to import, enrich, and explore your organization's data and mine it for actionable insight.

Analyze traffic data from the city of San Francisco

Look at traffic data from the city of San Francisco, create robust data visualizations that allow users to encapsulate business logic, create charts and graphs, and quickly iterate through changes in the notebook.

Turn your mainframe into an API powerhouse

Discover how to unlock your enterprise's valuable systems-of-record assets and capitalize on the new API ecosystem by building RESTful APIs that can access business-critical data.

Create a banking chatbot

Create a banking chatbot with conversation, natural language understanding, anger detection, and answer discovery from FAQ documents.

Create a sports buddy with TJBot and Watson

Use a TJBot with Watson services, Twilio, and to create your own interactive sports buddy that can help you follow your favorite team, get game reminders, stats, and more.

Build an enterprise Swift app using services

Build an enterprise Swift application that uses multiple services and libraries available on the IBM Cloud platform.

Make apps smarter with serverless

Learn how to implement serverless technology to enhance enterprise applications by using OpenWhisk to deliver a smart supply chain application to customers.

Power your smart fridge to request replacement parts

Connect your appliance to a network and enable a serverless, event-driven architecture to support cloud analytics and diagnostic services and support.

Create a to-do list app using blockchain

Learn to perform traditional data store transactions with blockchain by implementing a web-based, to-do list app that enables you to browse, read, edit, add, and delete list items.

Deploy an asset-transfer app using blockchain

Learn app development within a Hyperledger Fabric network by creating an asset-transfer app to transfer marbles between multiple owners.

Create a hybrid cloud with API Connect and Secure Gateway

Going hybrid has never been easier. You can maintain your private cloud while also tapping into a public cloud whenever it makes sense.

Create an investment management chatbot

Create a Watson Conversation-based financial chatbot that enables you to query your investments, analyze securities, and use multiple interfaces.

Deploy Java microservices on Kubernetes with polyglot support

Deploy a Java microservices application that runs alongside other polyglot microservices, leveraging service discovery, registration, and routing.

Analyze Starcraft II replays with Jupyter Notebooks

Combine gaming and the power of data analysis to become an unstoppable player. Read how you can actually analyze your game to become a top-notch competitor.

Accelerate training of machine learning algorithms

Efficiently build powerful deep learning applications and improve your machine learning speeds quickly.

Create a virtual reality speech sandbox

Add IBM Watson Speech-to-Text and Conversation services to a virtual reality environment built in Unity, the popular 3D development platform.

Unlock enterprise data using APIs

Use LoopBack, an open source Node.js framework, to unlock data in an Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Deploy MicroProfile-based Java microservices on Kubernetes

Create and deploy Java 8-based microservices using MicroProfile and Kubernetes with the skills and experience you already have.

Deploy a scalable Apache Cassandra database on Kubernetes

Run the world’s most popular NoSQL database on top of the world’s most popular container orchestration platform.

Deploy a scalable WordPress implementation on Kubernetes

Deploy the world’s most popular website framework on top of world’s most popular container orchestration platform.

Run GitLab on Kubernetes

Deploy a distributed GitLab leveraging Kubernetes and Docker.

Correlate flight and weather data in augmented reality

Develop a modern, cloud-based air traffic control application.

Analyze tweets with Jupyter Notebooks

Analyze and create data visualizations with Jupyter Notebooks.

Create a retail chatbot

Build a configurable, retail-ready chatbot.

Respond to Messages and Handle Streams

Create autoscaling actions that respond to message streams.

Build serverless API handlers

Use Apache OpenWhisk to map HTTP REST API calls to business logic functions that create, read, update, and delete entities.

Apply cognitive to mobile images on the go

Smart picture sharing on the go.