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COBOL Migration Webinar
September 12, 2019
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

COBOL Performance Tuning Webinar
September 19, 2019
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Train your ML models at scale with FfDL

In this discussion at think 2018, Animesh Singh discusses the challenges data scientists and system administrators face when scaling up their machine learning models. He discusses the FfDL project and its role in addressing those challenges.

Kubernetes Conformance Suite and Code Patterns

Angel Diaz interviews Brad Topol at think 2018. They discuss Brad’s work on the conformance suites for Kubernetes and becoming one of the documentation committers for Kubernetes.

Four seismic shifts CIOs face

Angel Diaz interviews Tim Crawford at Think 2018. Tim Crawford is the CIO Strategic Advisor at In this free-form discussion, Angel and Tim discuss the intersection of “the four seismic shifts” CIOs face today: cloud, data, AI, and transactions.

Jason McGee’s advice on going cloud native

Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO for IBM Cloud Platform, offers his 30-second pitch for companies looking to bring cloud native development to their organization.

Making containerd and the Container Runtime Interface work together

Uncover the basics of the Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface (CRI; a one-stop management system for conatiners, pods, and images) and containerd and learn how these technologies complement each other.

Exploring the future of the Kubernetes community

Explore the aspects of the Kubernetes open source community that make it unique and examine a prediction for the future of the Kube technology.

Patterns preview: Deploy MicroProfile-based Java microservices on Kubernetes

Meet IBM Code patterns and learn how to easily create and deploy Java 8-based microservices using MicroProfile and Kubernetes.

Patterns preview: Deploy a Core ML model with Watson Visual Recognition

Learn how to create a Core ML model using Watson Visual Recognition and then deploy it to an iOS application.

Patterns preview: Analyze Twitter handles and hashtags

Dive into an IBM Code pattern that helps you analyze Twitter handles and hashtags for sentiment, emotional tone, and keywords using Watson Tone Analyzer, Natural Language Understanding, and Watson Assistant API to classify the tweets.

Talking Node-RED with Greg Gorman

Explore the origins of Node-RED, dive into some interesting use cases, and learn how IBM is supporting the growing open-source project.

What it means to be a developer advocate

Learn what it means to be a developer advocate from Josh Zheng and Spencer Krum, leaders of developer advocacy teams at IBM.

Val Bercovici: Balancing protection and data access for AI modeling

Learn how data responsibility can make insightful, hidden data accessible for AI modeling.

Bobbie Cochrane: How to build product, ecosystem, and value with blockchain

Explore trust issues with users and data in interesting blockchain use cases.

Docker’s containerd project joins CNCF

IBM Senior Technical Staff Member and Docker/containerd Open Source Maintainer Phil Estes explains what it means now that Docker’s containerd Project has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Chris Aniszczyk and Jason McGee talk cloud native, containers, Kubernetes, and more

We sat down with two of those experts, Jason McGee and Chris Aniszczyk to discuss some of the latest trends around containers and cloud native computing. We also touched on the need for more diversity in open projects and got existential with the question, “What problems are left to be solved?”

Spencer Krum on analyzing Team Dead Pixels’ StarCraft play

Angel Diaz and Spencer Krum discuss eSports and IBM’s work to analyze the show matches by Team Dead Pixel at Interconnect 2017.

Joir-dan Gumbs on analyzing the in-game economy and core metrics of StarCraft

Joir-dan Gumbs on analyzing the in-game economy and core metrics of StarCraft.

Daniel Krook gets you started with Serverless and OpenWhisk

Daniel Krook and Developer Advocate Angel Diaz discuss the OpenWhisk serverless platform and how you can start developing for it today.