Openstack Project Teams Gathering (PTG) The Project Teams Gathering (PTG) is a new event organized by the OpenStack Foundation. Every six months (Q1 and Q3), at the beginning of the development phase of a release cycle, project teams will meet in person to discuss priorities for the upcoming cycle, iterate quickly on solutions for complex issues, and make fast...  Continue reading Openstack Project Teams Gathering (PTG)

Elastic{ON} User Conference Engaging with the Elastic community of users, customers, and developers is key. It helps us stay in touch with how Elastic software is being used, challenges people face, and share knowledge. Attending our annual user conference or a tour event is the best way to get face to face with the people who love Elasticsearch, Logstash,...  Continue reading Elastic{ON} User Conference

Dockercon 2017

DockerCon is the community and container industry conference for makers and operators of next generation distributed apps built with containers. The three-day conference provides talks by practitioners, hands-on labs, an expo hall of Docker ecosystem innovators and great opportunities to share your experiences with other virtual container enthusiasts.   Continue reading Dockercon 2017

ServerlessConf Austin Join us for the hottest conference in cloud Serverlessconf is a community led conference focused on sharing experiences building applications using serverless architectures. Serverless architectures enable developers to express their creativity and focus on user needs instead of spending time managing infrastructure and servers.  Continue reading ServerlessConf Austin

OSCON 2017

OSCON is where the open source community gathers to celebrate achievements, spark new ideas, and map the future of open computing through collaboration, education, and connecting people with technology.  Continue reading OSCON 2017

ICPC World Finals

The 2017 ACM-ICPC World Finals is sponsored by IBM and hosted by Excellence in Computer Programming, Inc. The ICPC (ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest) is the world’s premiere university sports programming competition, tracing its roots to 1970 with the first Finals in 1976. Last year, 40,266 students from 2,736 universities from 102 countries on six continents...  Continue reading ICPC World Finals

JJUG CCC – Tokyo

JJUG CCC is Japan's largest Java community event to be held twice a year in the spring and fall. A high-quality session on Java related technologies and examples has been held, and it is also a place for Java engineers working in different fields to gather together. Please participate. It's a 1 DAY event hosted...  Continue reading JJUG CCC – Tokyo