IBM Code Tech Talk: Create a cognitive retail chatbot

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Date(s) - August 30, 2017
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


This event has finished. See the recording on the IBM Code Ustream channel.

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NOTE: All IBM Code Tech Talks are held at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time (North America) unless otherwise specified. A replay of the presentation will be available for viewing on our Ustream page immediately after the call.

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Chatbots are a hot topic in the retail industry, but so far their implementation has amounted to little more than a novelty experience for customers. With the Cognitive Retail Chatbot, we’re providing some powerful features to Python developers in the retail space, including Shopping Cart, Context Store, and Custom Inventory Search.

This IBM Code Tech Talk will showcase an easily configurable chatbot that demonstrates a natural language shopping experience for customers. We’ll show four main features that provide useful and advanced funtionality:

  • Custom Product Search
  • Add, Remove, and List items in Shopping Cart
  • User Context Recall
  • Persistent Data Store

Once the Chatbot is deployed, you can add Slack as your conversational interface and also take advantage of platform features, such as auto-retrieval of contextual information in the form of a user profile. The talk will discuss the architecture, demo the chatbot, and walk through various portions of the code to highlight areas where customization can take place.

To get a head start on the content underlying this talk, see the developer journey Creating a cognitive retail chatbot.


  • Scott D’Angelo: Scott is a developer advocate working on IBM Watson Cognitive services and IBM Data Science. He has worked on Linux kernel and network protocols, storage and clustered file systems, and IaaS as an OpenStack public cloud operator/developer and an OpenStack Cinder Core developer.
  • Rich Hagarty: Rich is currently a developer advocate at IBM implementing developer journeys focused on Watson cognitive and data analytics solutions. Rich has spent most of his career developing storage and networking device management applications, mainly focusing on UI features such as topology maps, configuration tools, and dashboards. Until recently, Rich has also been an OpenStack contributor, working on storage and UI solutions.
  • Mark Sturdevant: Most of Mark’s career has focused on writing code and designing products to make data useful and to make database and application performance manageable. He became hooked on open source as an OpenStack contributor and core reviewer. Currently, Mark is a developer advocate at IBM where he implements open source developer journeys to guide developers as they innovate using IBM’s cognitive and data analytics solutions with Watson and the Data Science Experience.

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The series is designed to help you understand more about the journeys currently on IBM Code, introduce you to the developers, communities, and ecosystems that are driving open source innovation at IBM, and help you discover opportunities to use and contribute to these projects and connect with the innovators and communities behind them.

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