The financial sector is a category of firms that provide financial services to commercial and retail customers; this sector includes banks, investment funds, insurance companies and real estate.

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Real-time payments with a chatbot

Create a chatbot assistant to process payments and provide account information using Watson and the Real-Time Payments services on IBM Cloud.

Implement asset securitization on a blockchain ledger

Deploy a React UI that has can submit blockchain transactions and view the state of a blockchain ledger as updated.

Retrieve client insights for wealth management companies

Explore the Client Insight for Wealth Management service through a Jupyter Notebook and create a web application with the service.

Build a financial stress-test app with natural language generation

Build a stress-testing app for investment portfolios that includes integration with natural language generation to produce detailed portfolio analysis.

Create a real-time payments app

Learn how to use IBM Cloud finance services to create a real-time payments application. These services are integrated into a web interface that manages the user’s tokens and recipients using the Real-Time Payments service.

Compute analytics on an investment portfolio

Leverage full revaluation cashflow models in a single line of code to more readily integrate sophisticated analysis into end-user applications.

Construct a socially responsible investment portfolio

Construct and rebalance investment portfolios using the Portfolio Optimization service and data from the Investment Portfolio service.

Build your first blockchain application

Get started with this secure, distributed, open ledger technology by completing a journey series that shows you how to build a working blockchain app step by step.

Create and execute blockchain smart contracts

Use the Hyperledger Composer framework to create and execute smart contracts within a blockchain application built on Hyperledger Fabric.

Integrate a financial investment portfolio

Retrieve portfolios from financial institutions using the Quovo Aggregation API and load the data into the IBM Cloud Investment Portfolio service.

Automatically scale to handle peaks in banking transaction demand

Enable your mobile check deposit processing system to scale automatically in response to payday demand.

Apply machine learning to financial risk management

Use machine learning to perform secure, real-time risk assessment and management to help financial institutions more accurately determine credit worthiness.

Create financial applications using APIs on mainframe

Utilize retail banking APIs to drive fast, agile innovation with mainframe hybrid cloud architecture

Create a stress-test app for investment portfolios

Make the markets more predictable by building a portfolio stress-testing app using a set of financial web services.

Create a banking chatbot

Create a banking chatbot with conversation, natural language understanding, anger detection, and answer discovery from FAQ documents.

Create an investment management chatbot

Create a Watson Conversation-based financial chatbot that enables you to query your investments, analyze securities, and use multiple interfaces.

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November 13, 2017

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