Where the core business is to sell goods directly to the end consumer via storefront, catalog, television or online.

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Assemble a pizza-ordering chatbot dialog

The new Watson Conversation Slots feature allows you to create a complex dialog with fewer nodes. Using slots in this example, we can define the fields in one dialog node and handle the logic in a single node.

Enrich multimedia files using services

Use the IBM Watson Node.js SDK to create a web UI app that enriches multimedia files using speech-to-text conversion, tone analysis, natural language understanding, and visual recognition processing.

Create a news alerting app

Create a news app in Node.js to deliver custom alerts via email for specific products or brands mentioned in the news. The app can also alert user on brand sentiment, related products as well as stock price changes.

Transform the retail customer experience with APIs on a mainframe

Create retail applications that leverage data from enterprise IT infrastructure using APIs in a hybrid cloud environment -- no mainframe knowledge required.

Create a cognitive news search app

Build a cognitive news search and trends web app using Node.js and the Watson Discovery service.

Build a cognitive recommendation app with Swift

Build an app that recommends local restaurants and which can be adapted to provide other recommendations, reservations, event planning, and tooling using Swift, Watson services, and the Kitura framework.

Discover hidden Facebook usage insights

Enrich unstructured data from Facebook using a Jupyter Notebook with Watson Visual Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, and Tone Analyzer, then use PixieDust to explore the results and uncover hidden insights.

Create a to-do list app using blockchain

Learn to perform traditional data store transactions with blockchain by implementing a web-based, to-do list app that enables you to browse, read, edit, add, and delete list items.

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Create a cognitive retail chatbot

August 30, 2017

This tech talk showcases an easily configurable chatbot that demonstrates a natural language shopping experience for customers.

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