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Open technologies play a crucial role in the design of today’s cloud architectures, simplifying cloud, analytics, mobile, social, and security development efforts. IBM is proud to be at the forefront of the world’s leading open source efforts, including community-led initiatives, industry-specific open source code development, and market-leading partnership and collaboration.

We are unleashing our ideas at an earlier stage than ever before, and we want you to join us as we unlock the incredible innovations produced by our software labs. Check out the code, blogs, documentation, and supporting materials, and then get active in the communities. Try out some of the hottest ideas. Build. Share. Collaborate. Together, we can take these emerging projects to new heights. At developerWorks Open, the future is now.

Hot open projects


The lightweight QISKit API is a thin Python wrapper around the Quantum Experience HTTP API that enables you to connect and execute OPENQASM code.

TJBot programmable robot

TJBot is a do-it-yourself kit that enables you to build a programmable cardboard robot powered by IBM Watson. It is part of the IBM Watson Maker Kits, a collection of DIY open source templates to connect to Watson services in a fun way.

Application Metrics for Swift

Collect and visualize resource and performance monitoring data for Swift-based applications.


The QISKit SDK provides support for the Quantum Experience circuit generation phase and uses the QISKit API to access the Quantum Experience hardware and simulators. It includes example scripts written for Jupyter Notebooks.


QISKit OPENQASM contains specifications, examples, documentation, and tools for the OPENQASM intermediate representation.

Watson on Node-RED

Watson on Node-RED exposes IBM Watson services as Node-RED nodes, enabling developers and designers to add Watson services to their Node-RED Internet of Things models.

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