IBM developer advocacy activities for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation community

There are lots of choices in the ecosystem about which technologies to use for your Cloud Native infrastructure. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is there to help provide guidance.

The CNCF is a consortium to promote cloud native technologies and principles, and provide guidance to the cloud community. CNCF is not intended to be a standards body, but they do have criteria and a review board before a project can join. Projects must be Cloud Native (CN), open, and have a growing community. CNCF is a place to find areas of harmonization and interop, where popular technologies can share ideas and resources.

IBM is chair of the CNCF Governance Board, demonstrating our commitment to the organization. We are also active in many of the CNCF open source projects, including Kubernetes, containerD, Envoy, and Container Networking Interface (CNI). IBM has a long history of promoting standards and interop, and so we are also involved in the Container Storage Interface (CSI), CNI and Serverless harmonization efforts, as well as the Conformance Working Group.

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