Featured open source projects from IBM

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Activity Streams

Activity Streams provides developers with a standard model and JSON-based encoding format for describing how users engage with both the application and with one another. This standard format can be used at every layer within an application, from back-end data storage to driving the user experience, and frees developers from the need to invent new adhoc application-specific data formats and models for describing the kinds of actions that users can perform within the system.


Amalgam8 is an open source platform to simplify integration tasks for polyglot microservices, enabling developers to focus on high-value DevOps functions.

Android SDK for Bluemix Mobile Client Access – Google Authentication

An open source IBM Bluemix Mobile Services SDK for Android to help you quickly implement Google authentication.

Android SDK for Bluemix Mobile Client Access – Facebook Authentication

An open source IBM Bluemix Mobile Services SDK for Android to help you quickly implement Facebook authentication.

Android SDK for Bluemix Push Notifications

An open source IBM Bluemix Mobile Services SDK for Android to help you integrate your apps with Bluemix services.

Anomaly Detection Engine for Linux Logs

Anomaly Detection Engine for Linux Logs analyzes Linux logs to help system admins and software developers understand Linux system behaviour.

API Microgateway

A developer-focused, extensible gateway platform written in Node.js that enforces access to microservices and APIs.

Application Metrics for Swift

Application Metrics for Swift™ collects and visualizes resource and performance monitoring data for Swift-based applications. Application Metrics for Swift builds on the open source polyglot data collection capabilities of omr-agentcore, which is also used in both Node Application Metrics and the Java monitoring in the Eclipse-based IBM Monitoring and Diagnostics Tools.

Attention Sum Reader (AS Reader)

The Attention Sum Reader (AS Reader) project is a machine-learning model for answering questions about text passages.

Bluemix Mobile Services: Android Core SDK

IBM Bluemix Mobile Services Android Core SDK will help you quickly implement services for your Android apps.


Cargo is a filesystem- and vendor-agnostic migration service to migrate containers and their data with minimal downtime.

Cloud Auditing Data Federation on Go

The Go implementation of Cloud Auditing Data Federation makes the specification available to apps and components written in a key cloud computing language.

Cloudant Envoy

Cloudant Envoy is a microservice that sits between your mobile or web application and your cloud database, allowing users to replicate your data layer, but handling the authentication and data segregation so that each user only sees his or her own data.

Cloudbench (CBTOOL)

Cloudbench Tool (aka CBTOOL) is a multi-benchmark harness that automates Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud stress and scalability testing through the execution of controlled experiments.


Cloudbot is a Hubot-based bot that integrates services and tools that can be seamlessly used in your team's collaborative chat client.