Code Patterns

Everything you need to quickly solve real problems is compiled into a Code Pattern, with architecture diagrams, one-click deployment GitHub repositories, and pointers to essential docs.

Store, graph, and derive insights from interconnected data

Discover how to mine, analyze, and gain insight from complex relationship data and social media using OrientDB and the IBM Data Science Experience (DSX).

Analyze Twitter handles and hashtags for sentiment and content

Create charts and graphs for Sentiment, Emotional Tone, and Keywords for Twitter handles and hashtags.

Use Spark SQL to access NoSQL HBase tables

Learn how to use Spark SQL and HSpark connector package to create and query data tables that reside in HBase region servers.

Analyze industrial equipment for defects

Automate inspection of industrial equipment by using images and the Watson Visual Recognition service to find and fix defects.

Cloud-host a graph database using Kubernetes

Learn how to quickly host OrientDB on the IBM Cloud Container Service by using Kubernetes APIs.

Create a mobile handwritten Hangul translation app

Create a mobile application leveraging TensorFlow that will recognize and translate handwritten Korean characters.

Perform a machine learning exercise

Dive into machine learning by performing an exercise on IBM Data Science Experience using Apache SystemML.

Build a recommender with Apache Spark and Elasticsearch

This developer pattern demonstrates the key elements of creating a recommender system by using Apache Spark and Elasticsearch.

Develop a graph database app using JanusGraph

Develop a twitter-like application using JanusGraph, covering model creation, data generation, data ingestion, and graph querying.

Construct a socially responsible investment portfolio

Construct and rebalance investment portfolios using the Portfolio Optimization service and data from the Investment Portfolio service.

Robotic calculations and inference agent

This journey takes you through end to end flow of steps in building an interactive interface between NAO Robot, Watson Conversation API & Data Science Experience

Develop an IoT app with Node-RED and Watson

Simulate an IoT device, a motor that you can manage via Node-RED, the Watson IoT platform and the typical PaaS services. Monitor streaming device data with the IoT dashboard and persist it using a Cloudant database.

Correlate documents

Correlate content across documents using Python NLTK, Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and IBM Data Science Experience (DSX)

Create an Android calorie-counter app

Built for developers familiar with JavaScript and Node.js that are interested in creating a mobile app that interacts with the camera on a mobile device. Captured food images are identified and processed so that nutritional information can be generated and displayed. This journey makes use of the Watson Node.js SDK to access visual recognition processing.