Code patterns

Roadmaps for solving complex programming challenges.

Patterns give you a 360-degree view of the underlying code, including overviews, architecture diagrams, process flows, repo pointers, and additional reading.

Create a fair-trade supply network

In this developer code pattern, we will create a blockchain app that increases visibility and efficiency in the supply chain of a coffee retailer.

Train and evaluate an audio classifier

Train a deep learning model to classify audio embeddings on Watson Machine Learning and perform inference/evaluation with Watson Studio.

Train a model on fashion dataset

Leverage Tensorflow and Fabric for Deep Learning to train and deploy Fashion MNIST model on Kubernetes.

Integrate adversarial attacks into a model training pipeline

Use a Jupyter Notebook to integrate the Fast Gradient Method from the Adversarial Robustness Toolbox into a model training pipeline leveraging FfDL.

Create a web app to interact with machine learning generated image captions

Use an open source image caption generator deep learning model to filter images based on their content in a web application.

Create a virtual help desk

Use Node.js, Watson Assistant, and Watson Discovery services to create a virtual help desk to interact with end users for simple FAQ answer discovery.

Create a smarter procurement system with Watson services

Use Watson Knowledge Studio (WKS) to build a custom model to better categorize and structure procurement-related data for Watson Discovery to process and enrich so you can make purchasing decisions more quickly and accurately.

Create and deploy a blockchain network using Hyperledger Fabric SDK Java

Create and deploy a blockchain network using Hyperledger Fabric SDK Java, setting up and initializing the channel, installing and instantiating chaincode, and performing invoke and query on your blockchain network.

Implement asset securitization on a blockchain ledger

Deploy a React UI that has can submit blockchain transactions and view the state of a blockchain ledger as updated.

Retrieve client insights for wealth management companies

Explore the Client Insight for Wealth Management service through a Jupyter Notebook and create a web application with the service.

Understand customer interests with clickstream analysis

Use Scala in a Jupyter Notebook to ingest and analyze clickstream data. The data is fed into IBM Db2 Event Store which is optimized for event-driven data processing and analytics.

Create a dynamic indoor map in an iOS app

Build a dynamic indoor map app using Apple MapKit. Add in floor plans and add in other overlays. Use a heat map to present the dynamic data.

Analyze bank marketing data using XGBoost to gain insights into client purchases

Use machine learning to predict a bank client's CD purchase with XGBoost, scikit-learn, and Python in IBM Watson Studio.

Analyze product reviews and generate a shopping guide

Create a Node.js app that takes Amazon reviews and feeds them into the Watson Natural Language Understanding service, which will determine the average review sentiment for you.

Interacting with a blockchain network

Execute transactions and requests against a blockchain network by creating an app to test the network and its rules.