Code patterns

Roadmaps for solving complex programming challenges.

Patterns give you a 360-degree view of the underlying code, including overviews, architecture diagrams, process flows, repo pointers, and additional reading.

Deploy a financial microservice on LinuxONE using IBM Cloud Private

Use a hybrid cloud architecture to deploy a banking microservice on LinuxOne that accesses a simulated retail bank on an IBM Z Mainframe.

Design a step-tracking app with Kitura and Kubernetes

Create an easy iOS step-tracking app and reward users with "fitcoins" by using full-stack Swift.

Add new data sources to IBM StoredIQ using the Connector API SDK

Use the Connector API SDK to create a custom connector for new data sources that StoredIQ does not support.

Integrate a Lagom application with IBM Cloud Object Storage

Learn how to directly access IBM object storage from a Lagom application.

Perform big data preparation and exploration

Use Watson Studio and scalable machine learning tool R4ML to load a dataset and do uniform sampling for visual data exploration.

Build an airline booking platform on a private cloud

Build a sample airline booking application that uses a microservices architecture, based on Node.js. Then, deploy it on IBM Cloud Private.

Create a Google Action with Watson Assistant

Use Watson Assistant as the brains behind a Google Assistant Action to easily build a human-like chatbot.

Predicting fraud using skewed data

Build and evaluate different predictive models and see the impact of sampling techniques on the accuracy of the predictive models.

Run a Drupal website on Kubernetes

In this pattern, we will set up a Drupal site by using Kubernetes and Postgres.

Create a movie recommendation system

Create an iOS app that helps you find new movies to watch by using Turi Create, Apple's new deep learning framework.

Real-time payments with a chatbot

Create a chatbot assistant to process payments and provide account information using Watson and the Real-Time Payments services on IBM Cloud.

Predict wildfire intensity

Use NASA data with Watson Studio and Machine Learning to predict the intensity of wildfires.

Track an object in space

Build a web UI that uses tools such as Node-RED and IBM Watson Assistant to track objects in space.

Identify cities from space

Create a custom classifier with IBM Watson Visual Recognition that identifies several cities based on their images at night.

Create a fair-trade supply network

In this developer code pattern, we will create a blockchain app that increases visibility and efficiency in the supply chain of a coffee retailer.