Code patterns

Roadmaps for solving complex programming challenges.

Patterns give you a 360-degree view of the underlying code, including overviews, architecture diagrams, process flows, repo pointers, and additional reading.

Create a dynamic indoor map in an iOS app

Build a dynamic indoor map app using Apple MapKit. Add in floor plans and add in other overlays. Use a heat map to present the dynamic data.

Analyze bank marketing data using XGBoost to gain insights into client purchases

Use machine learning to predict a bank client's CD purchase with XGBoost, scikit-learn, and Python in IBM Watson Studio.

Analyze product reviews and generate a shopping guide

Create a Node.js app that takes Amazon reviews and feeds them into the Watson Natural Language Understanding service, which will determine the average review sentiment for you.

Interacting with a blockchain network

Execute transactions and requests against a blockchain network by creating an app to test the network and its rules.

Leverage blockchain monitoring

Learn how to create a blockchain monitoring app using React and Node.js with the Hyperledger Fabric SDK.

Use MQTT to stream real-time data

Create a real-time stream of carbon intensity for the NY State grid with MQTT and Kubernetes

Create an Android app with Blockchain integration

This code pattern is for developers who want to provide data anonymity and security to their users. Learn how to build a native Android app, deploy a Blockchain Network in Kubernetes, and then integrate the Android app with the Blockchain Network.

Take corrective actions at the edge based on predictive analytics of IoT sensor data

Once an anomaly is detected in an IoT system or sub-system using change point detection, a failure prediction based on predictive analytics models can identify an upcoming failure condition in advance. Then, based on this detection, a proactive prescriptive action can be taken.

Create a customer loyalty program with blockchain

Create a blockchain application for a customer loyalty program with members and partners on the same network.

Build an iOS game powered by Core ML and Watson Visual Recognition

Use Watson Visual Recognition and Core ML to create a Kitura-based iOS game that has a user search for a predetermined list of objects.

Deliver optimized, personalized search results

This pattern demonstrates a methodology to personalize search results by identifying clear-cut affinities/preferences across various categories customers have ordered from.

Determine target audience and run marketing campaigns

Pattern demonstrates the methodology to determine target audience and run marketing campaigns using Watson Studio and Watson Campaign Automation.

Track donations with blockchain

Create a blockchain network for validating pledges and tracking funds made by the government for humanitarian causes.

Detect, track, and count cars in a video

Use automatic labeling to create a model from a video, then use the model to annotate a video.

Develop a web-based mobile health app that uses machine learning

Deploy and use a web-based health app on your smartphone using Watson services on IBM Cloud and IBM Watson Studio.