Finding patterns in data to derive information.

API Management

The process of creating, documenting, and making APIs available, providing access controls, and tracking statistics.

Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive technologies that can understand, reason, learn, and interact like humans.


Distributed database maintaining a continuously growing list of secured records or blocks.

Container Orchestration

Automating the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.


Containers are virtual software objects that include all the elements that an app needs to run.

Data Science

Systems and scientific methods to analyze structured and unstructured data in order to extract knowledge and insights.

Data Store

Repository for storing and managing collections of data.


Repository for storing and managing collections of data.


Development and deployment methodology emphasizing collaboration and communication between development, IT, and operations and automation of change delivery.


The inter-networking of large volumes of physical devices, enabling them to collect and exchange data.


A secure, object-oriented programming language for creating applications.


Communication between systems by exchanging messages.


Collection of fine-grained, loosely coupled services using a lightweight protocol to provide building blocks in modern application composition in the cloud.


An environment to develop apps and enable engagements that are designed specifically for mobile users.


An open-source JavaScript run-time environment for executing server-side JavaScript code.

Platform as a Service

A platform for Cloud services making it easy to develop, deploy, and manage applications by abstracting the complexity of maintaining the infrastructure required to carry out these activities.


Python is a programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively.


An event-action platform that allows you to execute code in response to an event.


The Spring Framework is an open source project that provides a framework for simple Java objects that enables them to use the Java EE container through wrapper classes and XML configuration.

Swift on the Server

Build powerful, fast and secure server side Swift apps for the Cloud


Various hardware and operating systems that act as servers or hosts for applications

Virtual Reality

Technology related to generating environments and images simulating reality with interaction through specialized googles, helmets and sensors.