A secure, object-oriented programming language for creating applications.


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Create an Android app with Blockchain integration

This code pattern is for developers who want to provide data anonymity and security to their users. Learn how to build a native Android app, deploy a Blockchain Network in Kubernetes, and then integrate the Android app with the Blockchain Network.

Deliver optimized, personalized search results

This pattern demonstrates a methodology to personalize search results by identifying clear-cut affinities/preferences across various categories customers have ordered from.

Optimize your visual recognition classification

Build training and prediction apps with Java, Watson IoT Platform, Node-RED, and Watson Visual Recognition service.

Configure your app using Eclipse MicroProfile Config

Easily configure your application from system properties, environment variables, and more.

Make Java microservices resilient with Istio

Leverage Istio service mesh to introduce advanced resiliency and fault tolerance in your applications without changing application code.

Deploy Spring Boot microservices on Kubernetes

This developer journey demonstrates a deployment of a polyglot microservices application including Spring Boot microservices on a Kubernetes cluster.

Manage microservices traffic using Istio

Developers can use a service mesh to manage microservices with load balancing, advanced traffic management, request tracing and connective capabilities.

Create a hybrid cloud with API Connect and Secure Gateway

Going hybrid has never been easier. You can maintain your private cloud while also tapping into a public cloud whenever it makes sense.

Deploy Java microservices on Kubernetes with polyglot support

Deploy a Java microservices application that runs alongside other polyglot microservices, leveraging service discovery, registration, and routing.

Deploy MicroProfile-based Java microservices on Kubernetes

Create and deploy Java 8-based microservices using MicroProfile and Kubernetes with the skills and experience you already have

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Deploy an AKKA cluster to Kubernetes


Akka is an open-source toolkit and runtime that simplifies building concurrent and distributed message-driven applications on Java and Scala.

Open Source Week: 13 Million Developers – The Java Community


The past, present, and future of the Java developer ecosystem evolution, its two decades of progress

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