An open-source JavaScript run-time environment for executing server-side JavaScript code.


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Create a customer loyalty program with blockchain

Create a blockchain application for a customer loyalty program with members and partners on the same network.

Track donations with blockchain

Create a blockchain network for validating pledges and tracking funds made by the government for humanitarian causes.

Develop a web-based mobile health app that uses machine learning

Deploy and use a web-based health app on your smartphone using Watson services on IBM Cloud and IBM Watson Studio.

Load test your blockchain network

Load test your blockchain application by submitting a large number of enroll, invoke, and query requests, then viewing the results in MongoDB.

Create an app to get stock information, prices, and sentiment

Use IBM Watson Discovery, CloudantDB, Node.js, and Alpha Vantage to create a web app to monitor sentiment, price, and news for individually listed stocks.

Deploy a React application on Kubernetes

Built for developers who are interested in learning how to deploy a React application on Kubernetes, this code pattern uses the React and Redux framework and calls the OMDb API to look up movie information based on user input. This pattern can be built and run on both Docker and Kubernetes.

Get customer insights from product reviews

Walk through a working example of a web application that queries and manipulates data from the Watson Discovery Service. Use Watson Knowledge Studio to enhance the data enrichments, and then use the app's UI components as a starting point for developing your own Watson Discovery Service applications.

Use Mongoose and MongoDB to serve app data

Use Mongoose, an Object Data Modeling library, to connect to your MongoDB, manage data relationships, and provides schema validation for MongoDB objects.

Deploy a serverless multilingual conference room

Create a multilingual conference room using Watson Text to Speech. OpenWhisk actions and a MQTT messaging broker are also used in this scenario.

Create an app to perform intelligent searches on data

Walk through a working example of a web application that queries and manipulates data from the Watson Discovery Service. This web app contains multiple UI components that you can use as a starting point for developing your own Watson Discovery Service applications.

Build a financial stress-test app with natural language generation

Build a stress-testing app for investment portfolios that includes integration with natural language generation to produce detailed portfolio analysis.

Create a rewards program application and APIs

Use Node.js to create your back-end application and generate a set of APIs for your enterprise. Deploy the application on z/OS for best performance and security.

Locate and count items with object detection

This code pattern demonstrates how to use PowerAI Vision Object Detection to detect and label objects within an image.

Develop hybrid mobile app with cloud-native back end

This developer code pattern gives you step-by-step instructions for developing an Ionic/Cordova hybrid mobile app that securely connects to Cloudant and object storage services via IBM Mobile Foundation.

Classify vehicle damage images

Create a mobile app that takes a picture of vehicle damage and sends it to an insurance company to identify and classify the problem.

Create a real-time payments application

Learn how to use IBM Cloud finance services to create a real-time payments application. These services are integrated into a web interface that manages the user’s tokens and recipients using the Real-Time Payments service.

Analyze an image and send a status alert

Build an app that loads an image to a database, analyzes it, and based on the results, triggers an alert indicating a need for action.

Analyze Twitter handles and hashtags for sentiment and content

Create charts and graphs for Sentiment, Emotional Tone, and Keywords for Twitter handles and hashtags.

Develop an IoT app with Node-RED and Watson

Simulate an IoT device, a motor that you can manage via Node-RED, the Watson IoT platform and the typical PaaS services. Monitor streaming device data with the IoT dashboard and persist it using a Cloudant database.

Create an Android calorie-counter app

Built for developers familiar with JavaScript and Node.js that are interested in creating a mobile app that interacts with the camera on a mobile device. Captured food images are identified and processed so that nutritional information can be generated and displayed. This journey makes use of the Watson Node.js SDK to access visual recognition processing.

Create an Alexa skill with serverless and a conversation

Integrate your Alexa skill with a serverless action and have a conversation about the weather, build your own conversation, or choose a conversation from the Bot Asset Exchange.

Implement computer vision for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds live streams

PUBG Rotisserie performs OCR on Twitch live streams to identify which streams have only a handful of players left and are close to the final moments of play.

Build your first blockchain application

Get started with this secure, distributed, open ledger technology by completing a journey series that shows you how to build a working blockchain app step by step.

Create and execute blockchain smart contracts

Use the Hyperledger Composer framework to create and execute smart contracts within a blockchain application built on Hyperledger Fabric.

Build and monitor your own IoT-driven conveyor belt

Create a basic conveyor belt with an IoT device that sends monitoring data to Watson IoT Platform on IBM Cloud.

Assemble a pizza-ordering chatbot dialog

The new Watson Conversation Slots feature allows you to create a complex dialog with fewer nodes. Using slots in this example, we can define the fields in one dialog node and handle the logic in a single node.

Enrich multimedia files using services

Use the IBM Watson Node.js SDK to create a web UI app that enriches multimedia files using speech-to-text conversion, tone analysis, natural language understanding, and visual recognition processing.

Create a news alerting app

Create a news app in Node.js to deliver custom alerts via email for specific products or brands mentioned in the news. The app can also alert user on brand sentiment, related products as well as stock price changes.

Run blockchain technology on a Linux mainframe

Discover how to use Hyperledger Composer and its tools, editors, and business network model to write, deploy, and test chaincode on LinuxONE.

Create a cognitive news search app

Build a cognitive news search and trends web app using Node.js and the Watson Discovery service.

Implement voice controls for a serverless home automation hub

Discover how simple it is to build a home automation hub using natural-language services and OpenWhisk serverless technology.

Manage microservices traffic using Istio

Developers can use a service mesh to manage microservices with load balancing, advanced traffic management, request tracing and connective capabilities.

Mine data breaches for insights

Learn how to use the Watson Discovery Service to import, enrich, and explore your organization's data and mine it for actionable insight.

Create a banking chatbot

Create a banking chatbot with conversation, natural language understanding, anger detection, and answer discovery from FAQ documents.

Create a to-do list app using blockchain

Learn to perform traditional data store transactions with blockchain by implementing a web-based, to-do list app that enables you to browse, read, edit, add, and delete list items.

Deploy an asset-transfer app using blockchain

Learn app development within a Hyperledger Fabric network by creating an asset-transfer app to transfer marbles between multiple owners.

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