Platform as a Service

A platform for Cloud services making it easy to develop, deploy, and manage applications by abstracting the complexity of maintaining the infrastructure required to carry out these activities.


Related code patterns

Optimize your visual recognition classification

Build training and prediction apps with Java, Watson IoT Platform, Node-RED, and Watson Visual Recognition service.

Build a financial stress-test app with natural language generation

Build a stress-testing app for investment portfolios that includes integration with natural language generation to produce detailed portfolio analysis.

Compute analytics on an investment portfolio

Leverage full revaluation cashflow models in a single line of code to more readily integrate sophisticated analysis into end-user applications.

Analyze an image and send a status alert

Build an app that loads an image to a database, analyzes it, and based on the results, triggers an alert indicating a need for action.

Construct a socially responsible investment portfolio

Construct and rebalance investment portfolios using the Portfolio Optimization service and data from the Investment Portfolio service.

Develop an IoT app with Node-RED and Watson

Simulate an IoT device, a motor that you can manage via Node-RED, the Watson IoT platform and the typical PaaS services. Monitor streaming device data with the IoT dashboard and persist it using a Cloudant database.

Create an Android calorie-counter app

Built for developers familiar with JavaScript and Node.js that are interested in creating a mobile app that interacts with the camera on a mobile device. Captured food images are identified and processed so that nutritional information can be generated and displayed. This journey makes use of the Watson Node.js SDK to access visual recognition processing.

Create and execute blockchain smart contracts

Use the Hyperledger Composer framework to create and execute smart contracts within a blockchain application built on Hyperledger Fabric.

Build and monitor your own IoT-driven conveyor belt

Create a basic conveyor belt with an IoT device that sends monitoring data to Watson IoT Platform on IBM Cloud.

Integrate a financial investment portfolio

Retrieve portfolios from financial institutions using the Quovo Aggregation API and load the data into the IBM Cloud Investment Portfolio service.

Enrich multimedia files using services

Use the IBM Watson Node.js SDK to create a web UI app that enriches multimedia files using speech-to-text conversion, tone analysis, natural language understanding, and visual recognition processing.

Create a news alerting app

Create a news app in Node.js to deliver custom alerts via email for specific products or brands mentioned in the news. The app can also alert user on brand sentiment, related products as well as stock price changes.

Transform the retail customer experience with APIs on a mainframe

Create retail applications that leverage data from enterprise IT infrastructure using APIs in a hybrid cloud environment -- no mainframe knowledge required.

Build a cognitive recommendation app with Swift

Build an app that recommends local restaurants and which can be adapted to provide other recommendations, reservations, event planning, and tooling using Swift, Watson services, and the Kitura framework.

Use Swift to interpret unstructured data from Hacker News

Learn how to pull data points -- concepts, entities, categories, keywords, sentiment, emotion, etc. -- from Hacker News articles using natural-language service calls from a Swift-based application.

Implement voice controls for a serverless home automation hub

Discover how simple it is to build a home automation hub using natural-language services and OpenWhisk serverless technology.

Create a stress-test app for investment portfolios

Make the markets more predictable by building a portfolio stress-testing app using a set of financial web services.

Create a banking chatbot

Create a banking chatbot with conversation, natural language understanding, anger detection, and answer discovery from FAQ documents.

Build an enterprise Swift app using services

Build an enterprise Swift application that uses multiple services and libraries available on the IBM Cloud platform.

Make apps smarter with serverless

Learn how to implement serverless technology to enhance enterprise applications by using OpenWhisk to deliver a smart supply chain application to customers.

Power your smart fridge to request replacement parts

Connect your appliance to a network and enable a serverless, event-driven architecture to support cloud analytics and diagnostic services and support.

Deploy an asset-transfer app using blockchain

Learn app development within a Hyperledger Fabric network by creating an asset-transfer app to transfer marbles between multiple owners.

Create a hybrid cloud with API Connect and Secure Gateway

Going hybrid has never been easier. You can maintain your private cloud while also tapping into a public cloud whenever it makes sense.

Create an investment management chatbot

Create a Watson Conversation-based financial chatbot that enables you to query your investments, analyze securities, and use multiple interfaces.

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