An event-action platform that allows you to execute code in response to an event.


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Create an Android app with Blockchain integration

This code pattern is for developers who want to provide data anonymity and security to their users. Learn how to build a native Android app, deploy a Blockchain Network in Kubernetes, and then integrate the Android app with the Blockchain Network.

Develop protected serverless web applications

In this code pattern, we demonstrate how to utilize IBM Cloud Functions with OAuth 2 to enable the authentication and authorization in a web app.

Deploy a serverless multilingual conference room

Create a multilingual conference room using Watson Text to Speech. OpenWhisk actions and a MQTT messaging broker are also used in this scenario.

Create a podcast downloader using serverless technology

Learn how to use serverless technology to build a podcast downloader while gaining an introduction to serverless processes and programming.

Analyze an image and send a status alert

Build an app that loads an image to a database, analyzes it, and based on the results, triggers an alert indicating a need for action.

Analyze industrial equipment for defects

Automate inspection of industrial equipment by using images and the Watson Visual Recognition service to find and fix defects.

Create an Alexa skill with serverless and a conversation

Integrate your Alexa skill with a serverless action and have a conversation about the weather, build your own conversation, or choose a conversation from the Bot Asset Exchange.

Automatically scale to handle peaks in banking transaction demand

Enable your mobile check deposit processing system to scale automatically in response to payday demand.

Deploy Spring Boot microservices on Kubernetes

This developer journey demonstrates a deployment of a polyglot microservices application including Spring Boot microservices on a Kubernetes cluster.

Implement voice controls for a serverless home automation hub

Discover how simple it is to build a home automation hub using natural-language services and OpenWhisk serverless technology.

Make apps smarter with serverless

Learn how to implement serverless technology to enhance enterprise applications by using OpenWhisk to deliver a smart supply chain application to customers.

Power your smart fridge to request replacement parts

Connect your appliance to a network and enable a serverless, event-driven architecture to support cloud analytics and diagnostic services and support.

Unlock enterprise data using APIs

Use LoopBack, an open source Node.js framework, to unlock data in an Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Correlate flight and weather data in augmented reality

Develop a modern, cloud-based air traffic control application.

Respond to Messages and Handle Streams

Create autoscaling actions that respond to message streams.

Build serverless API handlers

Use Apache OpenWhisk to map HTTP REST API calls to business logic functions that create, read, update, and delete entities.

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Open Source Week: Apache OpenWhisk Community Update: Who said you should maintain servers to execute functions in response to events?

February 28, 2018

Apache Openwhisk is a serverless platform that allows you to execute functions remotely while responding to events.

Build faster banking apps with IBM Cloud Functions

November 1, 2017

In this video, IBM software engineer and developer advocate Daniel Krook demonstrates the potential of serverless architectures through a banking app based on the Apache OpenWhisk open source project and IBM Cloud Functions.

Implement voice controls for a serverless home automation hub

September 13, 2017

Discover the underlying technologies and architecture required to build natural language interfaces to control IoT devices.

Developing microservices and APIs on IBM Cloud

July 12, 2017

This tech talk presents a deep dive into Acme Freight, a best-practice sample application with a technology stack based entirely in IBM Cloud.

OpenWhisk update Tech Talk

January 25, 2017

OpenWhisk is a cloud-first distributed event-based programming service. It provides an event-action platform that enables you to execute code in response to an event. In this talk, Adobe Principal Scientist Felix Meschberger and IBM Research Scientist Rodric Rabbah provide a brief intro to OpenWhisk. They then describe the integration of OpenWhisk with an API gateway to make developer functions more accessible through a REST-full API. You’ll learn how developers can access features such as pluggable authentication, logging, and throttling, and how OpenWhisk and the API gateway can be used to build a Platform as a Service (PaaS).

OpenWhisk Tech Talk

May 11, 2016

OpenWhisk innovator and IBM Researcher Stephen Fink provides a detailed look at this new open source platform for developers to quickly and easily build feature-rich apps that automatically trigger responses to events. OpenWhisk provides a serverless deployment and operations model and support for languages like NodeJS and Swift, and even for the execution of custom logic through Docker containers.

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