Recorded: June 22, 2016

Node-RED is a tool for wiring together the Internet of Things in new and interesting ways, including hardware devices, APIs, and online services. Node-RED innovators Dave Conway-Jones and Nick O’Leary provide an overview, demo, and technical details for their little innovation that’s making a big splash.

The developerWorks Open Tech Talks are a series of calls and demos where dW Open project owners peel back the covers of their open source projects, sharing functions, techniques, challenges, and goals.

The series is designed to help you understand more about the projects currently on developerWorks Open, introduce you to the developers, communities, and ecosystems that are driving open source innovation at IBM, and help you discover opportunities to use and contribute to these projects and connect with the innovators and communities behind them.

To watch view other tech talk replays and videos, visit the IBM Code YouTube channel.

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