Work with us

We are passionate technologists and advocates for IBM client and partner developers. Our goal is to help you use IBM technology and development platforms to build the next big thing based on cognitive services (such as Watson®), the Internet of Things, and emerging cloud architectures like serverless computing.

Along with clients and partners, we create amazing things in an open source environment and influence the services that IBM offers to our developer community at startups and enterprises.

Reaching our goals depends on the success of our customers and partners and their faith in our team as a trusted technology advisor in IoT, cloud, and cognitive computing. Developers need clear and simple ways to get started, guidance when they need it, and an overall delightful experience when using the tools that help them achieve their goals.

What we offer:

We help developers get the most out of cloud, IoT, and cognitive technologies by engaging with you during all phases of the development process. As your trusted advocate, we work with you to build a solid skill base through enablement activities by assisting you with solution architecture and supporting proof of concepts and deployments. We use the following vehicles to deliver valuable technical education.

  • Dojos/technology briefings: Briefings are customized, built from a set of technology assets. Introductory topics might include a 30-minute lecture followed by a 1-hour hands-on exercise. More advanced topics might have an hour of lecture, followed by several hours of lab work. We also have half-day, full day, and multi-day briefings available.
  • Hackathons: We have 1, 2, and 3-day hackathons so that you can collaborate with others.
  • Downloadable tutorials: We have assets (journeys) that we can make available before, during, and after events.
  • Remote education webinars: When face-to-face support won’t work, we will help with online enablement.
  • Meet-ups: We host local events that focus on the latest technologies.
  • Architectural road map sesssion: A half-day, whiteboard session that moves us from enablement to deployment.

What qualifies for developer advocate support?

We are looking for engagements where there is a clear benefit to the developer advocacy effort and our drive to reach and positively impact the number of active developers who are using our platform and products. Below are some general guidelines:

  • The scope and timeframe should be well understood and limited to no more than 4 weeks over a 6-month period. The end goals must be clearly defined.
  • Our involvement shouldn’t be a replacement for an existing “for fee” IBM services offering.
  • There should be a clear value to IBM.

We will prioritize engagements with the following characteristics:

  • The engagement has the potential to reach a significant, new development community and drive usage on our platform.
  • There is a unique “coolness” factor that will help us attract more developers and advocates.
  • The engagement has the potential to be the “next big thing.”
  • The partner gives us additional credibility or visibility based on the partner’s reputation.
  • The engagement is data intensive and will drive a significant amount of data to our platform.
  • The engagement is compute intensive and will drive compute hours on our platform.
  • The engagement pushes IBM products to their limits (storage, compute, network, etc.).