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Domino Tech School Session 2 February 7
by Michael Stewart

Session 2 of Domino Tech School is set to take place on February 7. If you or your clients are looking to deploy Domino V10, this session is for you. What are the best practices for moving to V10? Should you upgrade the servers or the clients first? If you have wondered about questions like these, don’t miss Session 2. You will gain a complete understanding of the recommended process for upgrading to Domino V10, and you will learn hints and tips from experienced professionals.

Customizing themes in IBM Connections Engagement Center
by Scott Good

Learn how to create your own custom themes based on the sample themes shipped with ICEC, with CSS and JavaScript.

Component Pack – The Flexible Solution You Have Been Waiting For
by Conall O’Cofaigh

The Component Pack for IBM Connections introduces new connectivity capabilities that enhance collaboration and boost productivity. Now, Component Pack provides a simpler, more flexible solution to deploy the Orient Me, Customizer and Elasticsearch offerings for IBM Connections.

Using the App Creation UX and the new ITM Wizard
by Brian Gleeson

If you haven’t discovered it by now, the Important-To-Me (or ITM) bar is part of the OrientMe experience in IBM Connections. It can be used to keep your most important contacts close to hand, as well as your most important communities, giving you quick access to their content within OrientMe.

Revitalize Domino Data with IBM Watson Explorer and IBM Watson Workspace
by Hidekuni Ueda

This is an experimental solution that integrates Watson Workspace, Watson Explorer, and Domino Databases for enterprise data.

Everything You Need to Know About Domino V10 and Node.js
by Andrew Manby

Domino has enabled you to build all kinds of robust solutions. And now, by adding JavaScript and node.js, there are exciting new options. Bringing JavaScript and node.js to Domino enables any JavaScript developer to combine Domino with Node.js and JavaScript for full-stack web development to build new applications or enhance existing ones while retaining the proven business logic and data on the Domino platform.