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Revitalize Domino Data with IBM Watson Explorer and IBM Watson Workspace
by Hidekuni Ueda

This is an experimental solution that integrates Watson Workspace, Watson Explorer, and Domino Databases for enterprise data.

Everything You Need to Know About Domino V10 and Node.js
by Andrew Manby

Domino has enabled you to build all kinds of robust solutions. And now, by adding JavaScript and node.js, there are exciting new options. Bringing JavaScript and node.js to Domino enables any JavaScript developer to combine Domino with Node.js and JavaScript for full-stack web development to build new applications or enhance existing ones while retaining the proven business logic and data on the Domino platform.

Open Source Code Available for the Visual Update 1 for IBM Connections to Accelerate Customizations
by Sam Bobo

A template for rapidly styling your Connections environment.

Watson Workspace Apps without servers!
by Scott Chapman

Well, sort of. I am really talking about using Serverless technology to build Watson Workspace Apps. For those that are unfamiliar Serverless architectures are essentially ones where you focus on your code, and leave the running of it to the experts. In this particular case I am talking about IBM Cloud Functions (based on Apache Openwhisk)…

Building With Watson – Part 2
by Joe Russo

Make Watson a member of your team by customizing your cognitive app. Continue reading on the Watson Workspace blog.

A quick guide to using carbon-addons-ics React UI components
by Jimmy Loughran

The Carbon Addons ICS project is a set of React UI components, Sass styles, variables and mixins. As you may have guessed from the name, these components are add-ons to the Carbon Design System, but made specifically for people building user interfaces for ICS. These components will help you build great experiences for ICS, without the hassle of writing boilerplate code.