Collaboration wins.

No, we’re not (just) talking about IBM Collaboration Solutions products. We’re talking about sharing and working together as developers to help everyone succeed. Developers form a close-knit community with a powerful tradition of mutual support. This site is created in that spirit, so IBMers can share knowledge with you, and you can share with your fellow developers.

Do we also want to introduce you to our product offerings? Yes. We believe that IBM Collaboration Solutions provide everything employees need within the context of their jobs to be more engaged, collaborative and productive.

To support your use of our products:

  • We share our expertise with you. Here, you’ll find technical articles written by developers who create our products, along with other subject matter experts.
  • We give you a platform to speak. Through articles and blog posts you contribute, you can help and learn from your fellow developers.
  • We keep you current. Conferences, announcements, hackathons–any and all news, you should be able to find here.
  • We get you to coding resources. Links on these pages lead you to “developer experiences” designed to get you started with tools, samples, and documentation, along with code hosted on GitHub or elsewhere.

Got an opinion?

Tell us. Contact and let us know what you like or don’t like about this developer center. We’ll listen.

Welcome to the IBM Collaboration Solutions developer center. We’re glad you’re here.