We believe in the power of developers helping developers.

When an expert shares knowledge with you, you grow as a developer–and it works both ways. Are you working with or learning about IBM Collaboration Solutions offerings? Have you learned an important coding or architectural lesson? Do you have a great example to share? Give others the benefit of your experience by contributing to this site with articles, videos, and blog posts.

Reap the rewards.

When you give, you gain:

  • Build eminence. When you share what you know, others notice. Over time, you become recognized as a subject matter expert, and can even help shape the evolution of technologies important to you.
  • Grow professionally. When you create content such as articles or videos, you preserve your knowledge and build a library that you can point to. Other developers can collaborate with you more easily, and prospective employers get a full picture of who you are–both your skills and your role as an influencer.
  • Help others help you. Sharing knowledge encourages others to share with you. Give someone a head start on a tough topic, and they’re more likely to return the favor.

Get started today.

We accept proposals for in-depth articles and videos, which can be either stand alone or part of a longer series. We’re also interested in shorter content, which we may publish either as a blog post or a brief article. We work with you to edit the content.

Proposals must focus on Cloud or on-premise Collaboration experience or APIs from ICS. The audience can be new or experienced developers.

Article and video topics can include:

  • Examination of working code (programs, components, code samples, demos), typically available on GitHub
  • How-to tips and techniques ranging from introductory, getting-started materials to advanced techniques
  • Case studies: Project experiences, with practical results and lessons learned
  • Short content is typically a focused examination of a specific tip or technique, but can also include opinion pieces designed to stimulate discussion.


  • Individual articles average around 2,000 to 6,000 words.
  • Videos average around 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Short content is generally 300 to 1000 words.

To propose an article, video, or short content, click the “I’ve got an idea!” button and describe your content idea and your qualifications. We will evaluate your proposal and respond to you as quickly as possible. If your idea is a good candidate for publication, we will provide the next steps.

By submitting your content proposal, you agree to the terms of the IBM Developer Submission of Content Agreement.

We look forward to hearing from you!