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Coding IBM Watson Workspace Chatbots
by Van Staub

This in-depth video shows you how to create IBM Watson Workspace chatbots, using Open Source resources and the Watson Workspace framework and SDK.

Building With Watson, Part 1
by Joe Russo

Everything you need to know to add Watson’s super powers to you app. Continue reading on the Watson Workspace blog.

Building With Watson, Part 2
by Joe Russo

Make Watson a member of your team by customizing your cognitive app. Continue reading on the Watson Workspace blog.


Blog post: Watson Workspace Apps without servers!
by Scott Chapman

Well, sort of. I am really talking about using Serverless technology to build Watson Workspace Apps. For those that are unfamiliar Serverless…

Blog post: A Serverless Framework for Watson Work
by Scott Chapman

In my first story I wrote about how excited I was to be able to write Watson Work applications in a Serverless…

Blog post: Serverless Watson Work Commands
by Scott Chapman

Recently I’ve been writing a lot about building Watson Work applications in a serverless environment (specifically IBM Cloud Functions). And I have…

Blog post: Serverless Cognitive Watson Work Apps
by Scott Chapman

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of work with IBM Cloud Functions to show how easy it is to build Watson Work…


Watson Workspace Node.js Lab
by Rafael

You can create apps that use cognitive capabilities to understand users’ conversations and interactions to suggest actions, recognize sentiment, or provide expertise which can also be trained to understand business dialect associated with specific domains or industries.