Connect with technology pacesetters and groundbreakers. Discover new coding techniques, build stronger technology communities, and help lead the next wave of the technology revolution.

Why become an IBM Coder?

The IBM Coder Program is an inclusive program for developers building with IBM Developer within the community. It is open to all developers of all levels, around the world. There’s no cost to join, and you get immediate practical benefits.

Here’s how it works:

  • Complete a variety of challenges to grow your skillset and your reputation. When you become an IBM Coder, you get access to educational resources, guides, and best practices that will help you optimize your code and establish yourself as a technology leader.
  • Discover and transparently discuss content and code with other like-minded developers. As an IBM Coder, you get exclusive access to these technology leaders; their sole focus is to engage with you and help you make your community successful.
  • Be rewarded for your contributions. We want you to reap the rewards for helping to build our community of coders. You’ll be recognized with various tangible and intangible rewards like access to exclusive IBM events and products.
  • Be guided through your technical journey. IBM Coder Learning Paths are offered to IBM Coders and bring together code, content and community into guided education paths the progress a developer’s knowledge and community reputation for specific technology and industry domains.