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Students create chatbot for post-disaster healthcare in developing nations

Miami-Dade College students Dordy Charles (who is from Haiti) and Israel Powell (who is from Belize) have both lived through hurricanes and wanted to help others in developing nations, where post-disaster health care response can be a challenge. While they didn’t have prior coding experience, the two students jumped in at a recent IBM Code and Response hackathon and created Project Emergency Patient Assistance (EPA), an app that guides non-medically trained individuals on how to stabilize the condition of victims during a natural disaster. The program will ask the user a series of questions that in turn will be able to assess the condition and stabilize until a medical aid becomes available. In places like Haiti and Belize, some residents live two to three hours away from hospitals. This app aims to give communities technology they need to assist in stabilizing people until a doctor can get out to them. With the help of IBM Cloud technology and solutions, students can pair these modern technologies with life-threatening situations.