Helm 101: Labs designed to help you achieve an understanding of the application package manager

Have you ever wanted to learn how best to deploy your application to Kubernetes? Or how to deploy your application without managing the individual manifest files/resources? What if you wanted to update your application without having to delete resources, update manifest files, and then redeploy again? And if you’re ready, how can you share your application with the community?

These set of labs will clear up any confusion and will help you get comfortable with Helm.

We’ve built a set of labs that are designed with you, the developer, in mind. By the end of the final lab, you’ll achieve:

  • A full understanding of the core concepts of Helm
  • Knowledge of the advantages of deploying applications using Helm over kubectl, by drilling into the topics of:
    • Application management
    • Updates
    • Configuration
    • Revision management
    • Repositories and chart sharing