Learning path: IBM MQ Developer Essentials Badge

IBM MQ Developer Essentials BadgeLearn how to develop applications with IBM MQ and create production-ready messaging solutions.

Learning objectives

  • Understand IBM MQ messaging concepts
  • Create and configure a queue manager, queue, and topic
  • Develop a simple point-to-point JMS application that can connect and interact with the queue manager
  • Demonstrate your learning and skills by taking up a coding challenge and developing a solution to a problem
  • Troubleshoot and debug your application

Modules in this learning path

Complete these tutorials to gain the practical skills and knowledge to answer our quiz questions and earn yourself an MQ Developer Essentials badge.

Title Time Description
1 IBM MQ fundamentals 15 minutes Learn the key capabilities of IBM MQ. Come back here when you're done.
2 Get up and running with a queue manager. Pick your platform: Containers, Cloud, Ubuntu, Mac (use Containers), or Windows 15 – 45 minutes Use the tutorials in this series to stand up a queue manager, MQ Server. Come back here when you're done.
3 Explore the MQ Console 30 minutes Now that you have your queue manager, it's time to explore the MQ Console, which will help you understand what's going on with your MQ system. Come back here when you're done.
4 Get ready to code in Java 60 minutes Now that you have your queue manager and have used the MQ Console, you're ready to see what your application needs so it can connect to the queue manager and put and get messages from the queue. Come back here when you're done.
5 Take on the messaging coding challenge 90 minutes Now you have an idea of what is involved in developing applications that can connect to and interact with the MQ server and its objects, time to get your hands dirty. Take up the challenge and develop your own MQ application. Come back here when you're done.
6 Debug your application or environment 5 – 30 minutes For a handy set of tips and tricks and all the little extras you might need when developing MQ apps, use the MQ Developer cheat sheet.

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