Tech Talk Serverless, Knative – IBM Developer

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Tech Talk Serverless, Knative

March 11, 2021 7:30 pm CEST


Today, more than 20% of developers regularly use Serverless Computing functions. What about you?

For this new Tech Talk, we offer you the opportunity to discuss Serverless, Knative and Code Engine.

What is Serverless Computing?
Why is it also called Faas, “Function as a Service”?
What are its advantages but also its challenges?

On this basis, why is Knative an interesting evolution of Serverless Computing on Kubernetes environments?
How do its main components work? Serving and Eventing?

Finally, if Knative remains a very interesting evolution of Serverless, how can we compensate for the lack of some integrated functions such as monitoring, logging, security …? ?

Alain AIROM, Cloud Architect – Ecosystem Advocacy Group – EMEA ( and Philippe THOMAS, Client Technical Architect ( will discuss these topics and aspects during this talk.

We will offer a demonstration of the Code Engine, a platform that reduces the operational burden of generating, deploying and managing workloads in Kubernetes so that developers can focus on what concerns them most: the source code.