Synchronize data across applications to create predictive equipment maintenance models


In this code pattern, you’ll learn how to use standard OSLC APIs to create, query, and modify assets in Watson IoT Platform and IBM Maximo EAM.


In this code pattern, we’ll demonstrate how to integrate Maximo and Watson IoT Platform to efficiently monitor assets and trigger notifications.

We’ll also show how OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) APIs can be used as a common way to interact with services. In this use case, we’ll use these apis to synchronize asset data between services.

Finally, we’ll demonstrate how to leverage embedded business rules in Watson IoT Platform to trigger events when a rule is met. For example, if an asset malfunctions, we can simultaneously trigger responses in both services: the automated action can create a work order in IBM Maximo EAM, and SMS alerts can be sent out to all interested parties.



  1. Build and deploy OSLC wrapper for Watson IoT Platform.
  2. Run the script to register devices in IBM Maximo EAM and Watson IoT Platform.
  3. Set the embedded rules in Watson IoT Platform.
  4. As sensor data is received by Watson IoT Platform, the data is compared against the rules to see if any conditionals are met. If one or more conditions are met, the corresponding actions will be executed.


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