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Get started with Node-RED

Learn the basics of Node-RED and get up and running with these blogs, tutorials, and code patterns.

What is Node-RED?

Node-RED is a low-code programming environment for event-driven applications. It uses flow-based programming to let you draw a visual representation of how messages should flow through the application.

Get up and running

Put the Node-RED concepts into practice by building your first Node-RED applications.

Create your first Node-RED application

Create a Node-RED starter application in IBM Cloud, including a Cloudant database to store the application flow configuration.

Create both a secure web service and a dashboard using Node-RED

Build an application that analyzes earthquake-related data along with weather data to understand when and where earthquakes are happening around the world.

Create your own nodes from APIs and services

Learn how to create a customized node for a RESTful deep learning microservice, providing access to that service's API in your Node-RED flows.