NOTE: Node-RED is now part of the JS Foundation. For current information, including Getting Started guide, Node.js package repository, and online flow library, see the Node-RED website.

WEBCAST REPLAY: Find out what’s new in Node-RED — watch the replay of our Node-RED Update Tech Talk, recorded on February 8, 2017.

The Internet of Things redefines what it means to be connected. Applications and components of every shape, size, and function are being hooked up, plugged in, and switched on. Add to that the deluge of data rushing in from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and yet-to-be-invented social networks, and you’re dealing with a tsunami of devices and data. What can you do with it? How can you take advantage? How can you possibly design a system that can ride that wave?

Enter Node-RED. This simple visual tool makes it easy to wire together real-world events, add in some intelligence, and access simple nodes to integrate them with existing IBM Messaging systems and social platforms such as Twitter, MongoDB, and Redis to create applications that can react to the world around them.

Why should I contribute?

The Internet of Things is basically the Internet of Everything. If you plan on being a part of the technical revolution that is happening right now, you need to be able to quickly hook up systems, sensors, messages, everything that lets devices and programs talk to each other. By contributing to Node-RED, you’ll be helping to drive the Internet of Things by making the programming and planning behind device and program connection that much easier.

What technology problem will I help solve?

It’s about making sense out of the Internet of Things. This isn’t just a technology problem, it’s about understanding how devices relate to each other and how they interact. Node-RED is built on top of Node.js and takes advantage of the huge node module ecosystem to provide a tool that is capable of integrating many different systems. Its lightweight nature makes it ideal to run at the edge of the network, such as on the Raspberry Pi, and other hack-friendly platforms.

How will Node-RED help my business?

Time. As in, you’ll have more of it. Node-RED frees up development time, eliminating the need to do repetitive programming tasks and instead enabling your developers to focus on what they do best — innovation. When you improve Node-RED, you’re helping to wire the Internet of Things and decreasing the time it takes to do it. We’re guessing you can think of ways to use that extra time.