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IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights: Developer learning path

The developer who earns the IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson™ Developer Expert Embedded Business Agent (EBA) badge has demonstrated the expertise necessary to create and configure an EBA agent to be consumed by the Sterling Supply Chain Insights tenant. This badge earner has demonstrated knowledge in concepts, patterns, actions, assets, and debugging and can customize Sterling Supply Chain Insights using APIs and Embedded Business Agent (EBA).


Courses in this learning path

Apply for the badge

After you complete the courses, and complete all course assessments with a passing grade of 80% or higher, you can apply for the badge:

If you have any questions about the Badge Program, please send an email to: innocld@us.ibm.com.

NOTICE: IBM leverages the services of Credly's Acclaim platform, a 3rd party data processor authorized by IBM and located in the United States, to assist in the administration of the IBM Digital Badge program. In order to issue you an IBM Digital Badge, your personal information (name, email address, and badge earned) will be shared with the Credly’s Acclaim platform. You will receive an email notification from Acclaim with instructions for claiming the badge. Your personal information is used to issue your badge and for program reporting and operational purposes. It will be handled in a manner consistent with IBM privacy practices. The IBM Privacy Statement can be viewed here: https://www.ibm.com/privacy/us/en/.

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