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Zero Trust in Hybrid Cloud: where to start – B – 055


Zero Trust is a set of principles. Hybrid Cloud is today the reality for most organisations and typically encompasses a mix of very different technologies (legacy data centres and multiple public cloud instances). So where to start with Zero Trust in Hybrid Cloud and how to define and identify these solutions in such a broad scope as the Hybrid Cloud. In this lecture I will provide a three layered structure to position zero trust based solutions: • Some of these solutions will address security amongst all environments (inter-environment layer), • Some are specific to one type or even just one environment only (intra-environment layer), • And some are specific to the workload and the Container clusters where these workloads are running (inter-workload layer). Each of these layers have specific risks which must be addressed. The lecture will include per layer an overview of possible security controls to address these risks. The IBM Zero Trust Governance Model will be used to structure and group the controls per security domain. Also, the controls will be related to the zero trust principles from the NIST 800-207 publication.

Speaker Bio

BIO – Stefaan Van Daele – Stefaan has more than 30 years of experience in IT and joined IBM in 1997. Since 2001 he is active as a Security Architect and, in that role, he fulfilled several positions at European and global level. As security architect, he is always looking for ways to implement security by design and how to establish effective security operations in support of an Enterprise Security Architecture. In his current role, as member of the European Security Competence Center, he is assisting organizations in Europe with their journey to Cloud. He is also the global Lead Architect for the IBM Zero Trust Acceleration Services solution as well the Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) solution. He is co-author of the IBM Security Blueprint V3 Redbook.